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Friday, April 21, 2017

local haunts: a trip to Maymont // RVA

Wednesday, my best friend and I took the little guys to Maymont and had a total blast. Maymont is a great park in Richmond, Virginia, that's open to the public and has so much to look at and enjoy. Gorgeous grounds, a Nature Center, an area where you can pet animals and feed goats, a beautiful Japanese garden with waterfall, and an equally pretty historic mansion where you can take tours.

We started off the day with a picnic complete with fruits, veggies, sandwiches, and snacks. After getting our bellies full, we walked into the Nature Center and checked all the fish, turtles, and other critters. There were even alligators! After checking out all the local water creatures, we cut the boys loose outside and headed to the farm area.

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

The boys got along really well and ran their little hearts out. I swear he's not that far away, the photos just make it seem that way! Haha. Maymont has really upgraded their farm area and it was really nice to walk through. There were three adorable little baby goats that we couldn't stop squealing over.

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

We all fed the goats and had a lot of fun checking out all the different animals. The tongue on this one!

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

We made our way through the wildlife, complete with owls, hawks, vultures, and eagles, to the Japanese Garden, which is absolutely stunning. They have massive koi and you can walk on stones to cross the pond. There's bamboo trails and fountains and the kids had a blast climbing on the rocks.

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

These are my gifts from the little guy. He is so sweet. I kept the flowers, and when he walked up to me with a handful of gumballs and said "these are for you", I told him I'd take a photo and he could find a special spot for them.

After trudging back to the car tired as could be, we headed home and both boys conked out. We definitely plan on making a few more trips this summer!


Monday, April 17, 2017

indie blends: breathe in collection // perfume sample review

Indie Blends invited me to try out three of their perfumes. When I got the box in the mail, I was so excited! All of their products are cruelty free and vegan, and made in small, handcrafted batches. The packaging really stood out as well and it was a bright and fun box to open.

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

I received three samples - one each of Inspiration, Love, and Strength. I love the packaging and inspirational cards that each is on. All three have different floral tones and they were light and fresh and perfect for spring.

Not only do I like how upbeat the branding is, Indie Blends is on a great mission and I really love that their products are formulated without parabens and phthalates! I'll be ordering Strength soon!


Thursday, April 13, 2017

thrifty thursday #11

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  • I started making my own lunches and packed it up in my reusable Thirty One lunchbox that my mom gave me for Christmas one year.
  • When I was out visiting my mom, we snagged fruit from the hotel's breakfast. The banana I had was about to go, so I peeled and chopped it and froze it for smoothies.
  • I've really been shopping the pantry at home lately and I've made up quite a few meals without spending a dime for extra ingredients. We have a bunch of older spices that I've been hitting pretty heavy to get rid of them, too.
  • For lunch at work, I finished the last two slices of a mushroom pizza instead of ordering fried rice even though I really wanted fried rice.
  • Yesterday I made $3.55 via rebate apps Checkout 51*, MobiSave* (*use code AKHJYJNZ), and Berrycart*.
  • My mom signed up for Mobisave, so I got a $1 from the referral!
  • I've got my other half saving his receipts, so I go through his grocery receipts for potential rebates and to scan them into Receipt Hog* for points for PayPal money.
  • While out at Target, Annie's mac and cheese was on sale for $.99 per box, originally $1.79, and I used two $1 off two manufacturer coupons, which brought them down to only $.49 per box!
  • In the same Target trip, I picked up this set* of adorable popsicle molds for only $4.48 on clearance. They'll be a nice treat for the little guy this summer.
  • With SavingStar, I cashed out $5.88 to my PayPal. They feature mainly name brands that I don't buy, but occasionally I'll get a bag of chips or take advantage of the fresh produce offers.
  • Sunday night I made a quick and thrifty pantry sauce to top the rest of my spaghetti squash - lots of minced garlic and spices, some wrinkly cherry tomatoes, the rest of a bag of meatless crumbles, and then I poured some gazpacho I received free with rebates over it. It cooked down nicely and I didn't have to open another jar of tomato sauce!
How have you saved pennies lately?


Thursday, April 06, 2017

thrifty thursday #10

thrifty thursday frugal tips lucky bandit blog
  • I like to reuse packing materials whenever possible for both the cost and recycling factor, so I pilfered a few smaller plain boxes and single sheets of bubble wrap from work and I added a few mailers I received from things in the mail to my packing supply pile.
  • I earned $4.00 at the grocery store last night via ibotta* and didn't even know I had the rebate unlocked. It pays (literally) to go through and unlock them! My grocery store sends the rebates automatically through my rewards card, so I just put my phone number in at the store and boom! No uploading receipts.
  • Fifteen cents was added to my PayPal via Mobisave (use code: AKHJYJNZ) for buying no-chicken broth*! It might not seem like much but fifteen cents is fifteen cents.
  • When I was out visiting my mom we stopped by the Eddie Bauer store where everything was 40% off, and though I didn't find anything, I saved her $10 with my Adventure Rewards certificate.
  • I'm sick again and I bought the Family Dollar brand cold medicine and saved quite a bundle. I checked the ingredients and the off brand actually had higher levels of the medications I needed.
  • At the store last night, I earned another $.75 via ibotta*!
  • Today I shopped the pantry and made goulash with meatless beef crumbles, jarred sauce, and some rice noodles that were in a mac and cheese box that had no cheese packet. Filling and delicious!
  • I've got a spaghetti squash roasting in the oven and I plan to meal prep this week and get a few lunches out of it. Yum!
Any tips? ♥


Tuesday, April 04, 2017

currently: reading

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I've been really slowly making my way through a couple books here lately. I finished A Head Full of Ghosts* by Paul Tremblay earlier in the year, which was a great read if you're into horror and thrillers. I'm currently working on a couple books, The Stand* by Stephen King and Haunted* by Chuck Palahnuik, which are both at slow spots, but I'm still chugging along.

Did you know that the cover for Haunted glows in the dark? I didn't until I woke up at 3am one morning to a glowing face in bed next to me. It was terrifying and I didn't realize what is was until my sleepy brain had cleared. Just a heads up.

My TBR stash is growing and I need to get it under control. I have an entire two bins of books to read and send to new homes. There are quite a few little informative ebooks I've gotten into that need to be finished, and I really need to clean up my 'currently reading' list on Goodreads. I'm very behind on my 2017 reading challenge.

Speaking of Goodreads, are we friends on there yet? :)

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