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Friday, February 09, 2018

link love

In Africa, geneticists are hunting poachers using rhino DNA.

Derby, the bat dog for the Yankees Double-A affiliate, has passed away from cancer. His son, Rookie, is carrying on the tradition like his father and grandfather, Chase.

Here's an interesting article about C. diff and a sugar found in ice cream.

I'm completely obsessed with living spaces in Brooklyn. Here's a little 400sq.ft. apartment, a gorgeously arranged studio, and this artisanal bodega.

Two of my very best friends, both named Jess, have each started their own podcasts: Millenial Mixology and I Can't Believe You've Never Seen. Check them out!

CC Sabathia has gone vegan.

Look at this adorable tutorial for heart shaped pom pom bookmarks!

unsplash-logoAnt Rozetsky

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

pacifica // kale detox face wash

I've tried a lot of face washes and cleansers and  I can say that I love Pacifica's Kale Detox. I've gotten two travel sizes in sets from my mom, which is where this one came from, and I've got a full size waiting in the wings (also from my mom...she keeps me stocked with Pacifica products).

Kale Detox is a smooth gel face wash that is a cheery green but has some great cleansing power. It smells very earthy and, well, kale like. I'm one of those people that scrubs their eye makeup off with cleanser, which this does nicely, without drying out my skin or irritating around my eyes.

At ten dollars for five ounces, the price isn't bad at all. I've found this in person at Target and Ulta, so it's pretty readily available, along with being available at several online retailers.


Thursday, February 01, 2018

thrifty thursday #25

  • While out at my mom's for Christmas, Friday and Saturday were both no spend days. Thursday I spent less than five dollars and Sunday my stepdad changed my headlight and was generous enough to fill up my gas tank before the trip back. ♥
  • My mom packed me up with loads of homemade leftovers (including chili, yum!) and I've been eating on those for lunch.
  • I've needed a haircut for a while now as my ends had gotten uneven, so my mom cut my hair while I was there. It looks great and you can't beat free.
  • I've gained enough points via Branded Surveys* (formerly Mintvine) for a payout.
  • Last month my stupid second line came off my phone plan finally so that should save me $20 a month, and I cancelled my phone's insurance to save $11 a month.
  • I've made twelve sales via eBay and two via Mercari and that's helped declutter a bit.
  • I noticed a $5 rebate on ibotta* a couple weeks ago for eBay Fashion so I mosied on over and purchased a $3.88 (including shipping) button up for the office, thus earning myself $5.02, resulting in a moneymaker of $1.14 and adding to my office wardrobe. Win!
  • In the same week on ibotta, I earned $2.14 on a purchase (plate shoes and a lighting kit, not junk!) and a $5 bonus.
  • I redeemed a $5 PayPal reward via Microsoft Rewards.
  • On my two days working outside of the house, I bring my lunch.
Frugal Fails
  • I had to run across the county three nights in a row for board meetings and forums and twice I stopped and grabbed cheap fast food. I spent less than $10 total, but like moms everywhere say, we have food at home.
  • I paid my car insurance late and suffered a ten dollar late fee, but I did pay it early for the next month.
  • My one big splurge is acrylic nails and I broke one at softball practice Saturday morning, so I spent $3 plus tip to have it fixed.


Monday, January 15, 2018

2018 reading challenge

I love to read. However, with my end-of-year schedule, I practically had to pencil in times to sit down and enjoy a book. With 2018 just starting, I decided that I really wanted to buckle down and knock out a reading challenge fully.

This past year was a much better year for reading than 2016, but I'd still like to read even more in the new year. There's been so many new books that have come out that I've been dying to read, but I keep getting stuck in the mindset that I need to go through the actual physical books I have cluttering my bedroom. Instead, I'm going to read the books I want to read instead of the ones I feel the obligation to read. I think that's why I've had so many lulls.

I use Goodreads to keep track of books I've read, want to read, and am currently reading. It's such an invaluable resource if you're a bookworm! You can even participate in an annual reading challenge. For 2018, I've challenged myself to read 55 books. Fingers crossed.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

link love

I want to try these mini portobello mushroom pizzas that Jess made!

Here's a tiny survival guide that can be printed and carried in your pocket.

This really simple recipe for garlic pizza crust looks good.

This is heart warming. Here's a great list of 25 amazing things we did for animals in 2017.

The Flora of Virginia app looks so pretty!

Aldi now has a brand new line, Earth Grown, that's suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

This is a great article over on Gen Pink about which fitness trends to embrace and which to leave behind.

unsplash-logoJonathan Knepper