lucky bandit

Thursday, June 21, 2018

baseball weekend

Back in April I went to visit Kyle for a weekend of watching him on the field. I've been watching baseball since I was a child, so of course I'm not going to pass up a weekend full of baseball and visiting my boyfriend. And the seats!! Perks of dating an umpire...♥
I was there for two games - the first was a night game and the second a day game. It was so much fun. I've watched a lot of baseball this year (my Instagram has documented each game that was college and up) and it's been the best spring ever. Not only do I get to watch the love of my life work, but I frequently learn things from watching Kyle that I can utilize in my own umpiring.

Three days I was there and I had a blast. Tomorrow I'll be leaving to go see visit him again and I can't wait! ♥


Thursday, June 14, 2018

the last thrifty thursday

While this isn't a Thrifty Thursday post, I just wanted to update all that those posts will now be over at Frugal Bandit! I'd noticed that my thrifty posts had started to take over and that's not what I wanted for Lucky Bandit, so I started a new blog specifically for money saving. Check me out there!


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

unboxing // nadine west #2

This is my second Nadine West box and I'm pretty excited about it! To recap a bit, Nadine West is a fashion subscription box where you receive a few items per month (or every two weeks by preference) to try on. If you don't like them, send them back. If you do like them, keep them for their (low) price! This month my $9.78 for shipping was applied to any item I decided to keep, along with a Facebook coupon of $3. You really can't get any better for a fashion subscription box. This month I received five items: three clothing pieces and two jewelry pieces. Here they are!
I'll start with the clothing. I loved the print of the Animal Inside leopard print top ($25.49), but I'm just not a cold shoulder fan. NW didn't know that, though, but I'll be sure to update my reviews! I'll be sending it back. The sage green Stay Casual ($17.99) shorts were really cute but I don't need any more casual wear, so they're going back. Then there was a short sleeve baseball tissue tee called Infield ($22.99) in a fantastic tunic length. You bet this one is staying with me. A tunic length top with a baseball related name? Yup.
On to the jewelry! The earrings, called Diamond Dangle ($12.99) had a very nice pavè design, but not my style. The necklace, Hoop Dreams ($16.99) was fantastic for my style, but I have an almost identical one in a bronze tone, so both of these pieces went back.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with the style chosen for this box, I just didn't need duplicates. I'm also impressed that in one month's feedback they've pretty much nailed my taste. If you'd like to try Nadine West for yourself, please use my referral code RS8D-YENH-P4J3 for a FREE set of earrings, AND free shipping when you sign up!

Until next month!

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