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Monday, January 13, 2020

three flowers bath co // lip balm haul

While out visiting my mom for Christmas, we went out to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I had never been and honestly it was waaaay too crowded for my taste. I'd give it a shot in the offseason, though. We stopped by Three Flowers Bath Co. and I snagged some lip balm! I have approximately 25,000 lip balms, but I picked these up because the first ingredient is shea butter. I have perpetually chapped lips it seems like, but shea butter helps tremendously. I snagged the Cupcake Frosting, Banana, and Vanilla Mint flavors.

I'm excited to start using these!


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Thursday, June 21, 2018

baseball weekend

Back in April I went to visit Kyle for a weekend of watching him on the field. I've been watching baseball since I was a child, so of course I'm not going to pass up a weekend full of baseball and visiting my boyfriend. And the seats!! Perks of dating an umpire...♥
I was there for two games - the first was a night game and the second a day game. It was so much fun. I've watched a lot of baseball this year (my Instagram has documented each game that was college and up) and it's been the best spring ever. Not only do I get to watch the love of my life work, but I frequently learn things from watching Kyle that I can utilize in my own umpiring.

Three days I was there and I had a blast. Tomorrow I'll be leaving to go see visit him again and I can't wait! ♥