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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

date night // our anniversary dinner

Yesterday was Kyle and my's one year anniversary! We've gone through one season of minor league baseball, moving in together, and so much more. He surprised me with a wonderful dinner at Maggiano's! They're pretty well known for their eat one tonight, take one home for tomorrow pasta dinners and just amazing food in general. I tried for days to get him to tell me where we were going, but to no avail so this was a lovely little surprise.

We had a great server who set up our dessert with a cute little heart and candle for our anniversary. The butter cake was amazing. 

Afterward, we recreated our first Valentine's date by going to The Answer, which is my favorite brewpub in Richmond both because of their amazing Vietnamese food and their selection of beer. (And it's one of the top rated breweries in the nation on Untapped.) I'm a big sour/gose fan, and their Imperial 3 Scoops: Passionfruit, Mango, Peach is my all time favorite.

It was a great night and was just what we needed!

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Thursday, December 06, 2018

plastic free dinner & pizza

On Monday nights after umpire training, we stop for dinner somewhere. We drove around deciding and settled on Matchbox. Before we even got our pizza, I noticed that the straws were paper! I was pretty tickled by that since I've been trying to avoid single use plastic. The napkins were cloth and the ramekins were metal, so our whole dinner was plastic free! It was a nice change of pace.
The pizza was great and was made in a wood fired oven. We got two - the Holy Grail Margherita and we made our own with pesto sauce. So good! I signed up for their rewards and received a $10 reward, so we may have to go back soon and get more pizza. 

If you have one near you, definitely check it out.


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

tacos & beer

Saturday Kyle and I had a fabulous day out together. We were heading down to Hardywood for a beer release, but got there a little early so we headed over to En Su Boca for tacooooooos.
I tried a few different flavors. The black bean taco was really good, along with the fried fish. I wasn't a huge fan of their soy chorizo, but it made for a great photo. And their salsa gets all the heart eyes. The mild traditional salsa and their verde were fresh and delicious. Their habanero was a little too spicy for me, but still had good flavor. I'd never been before but the place had a great atmosphere!
Our next stop was Hardywood for the limited release of Trickery. Little note: I do not like stouts and didn't like it, though Kyle thought it was great. I'm a sours gal. We picked up some for Kyle and some for his best friend, but I had a nice Farmhouse Pumpkin and a Tropication on tap. We hung out for a while and had a great time.

How was your weekend?


Wednesday, October 24, 2018

pickled & fermented festival 2018 // cotu brewing co

Last weekend we finally had a baseball free Saturday together so we went on down to Center of the Universe Brewing Company for the Pickled and Fermented Festival! We go to COTU fairly frequently and I noticed the festival link on their website and bought us tickets.
It was a neat little festival! There were several vendors with loads of pickled things to sample and we tried a lovely fig kefir soda from Farmstead Ferments. Kyle picked up some bourbon bread and butter pickles and I snagged an absolutely amazing tomatillo salsa verde (gonna make verde soup with it!) and some treats for the boys. All of the vendors were local, which was even better! After walking around, we headed inside for a beer before heading out for dinner at Foo Dog.

It was an awesome day!


Thursday, September 27, 2018

museum day 2018

Last Saturday, September 22, was Museum Day! Luckily I don't live far from some pretty amazing museums down in Richmond, so we chose tickets for the Virginia History and Culture Museum, which saved us $10 each. Before that, though, we stopped by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. I'd never been to either place, so it was a fun day. I didn't take many photos, but here are some highlights.
The ancient art was amazing. This is a floor mosaic of the four seasons from a house near Antioch. The tiles were tiny and I can't imagine painstakingly setting each one. It was gorgeous.
After lunch in the lovely cafe, the gift shop was the next stop, of course. There were numerous shelves filled with local Virginia artists' work, and these soft sculptures by Vicki Bruner which were fascinating. I really like her style and hopefully I can snag a piece soon. I did end up walking out with a pretty funny mug, though. We headed over for some history afterward.
I don't have very many photos from the history museum because I was too busy absorbing everything. There were tons of things to see! Since it's all Virginia related, it's interesting to see where things happened throughout history in relation to the locations I frequent today.

Museum days are pretty awesome. See what's near you!


Wednesday, July 25, 2018

local haunts // boutique 31

Last week I was out in beautiful ole Tennessee to house sit for my mom and I stopped into one of my favorite boutiques, Boutique31. It's a small little shop that carries adorable clothing in standard and plus sizes. Kaitlyn, the owner, is the sweetest gal and she always has adorable pieces. Here's what I picked up!
I'm a sucker for cute leggings because they're soooo comfy. These leggings were posted on Facebook and I was hoping to snag a pair. They were only $5! Since these aren't quite as loud as some other pairs I have (coughcoughDOGPRINTcoughcough), so I'm excited to pair them with a black tunic and boots out somewhere casually.
How pretty is this necklace?! I love the green, the black, and the tassle. Definitely a good score for my jewelry collection.

And coming soon is a second location for Boutique31 in Knoxville!! I'm so excited to visit and happy that they're doing so well.

Be sure to check them out:
Website // Facebook // Instagram


Monday, April 09, 2018

monday vibes

The best thing about unconventional work schedules is being able to head out to a brewery at 4pm on a Monday to try a beer or two. K and I headed up to Red Dragon Brewery last week while he was home.

Now I'll tell you the part that'll make me lose cool points - I don't know a damn thing about craft beer. I couldn't tell you what those are in the photo and I drank one. I'd like to say I'm learning, but every time K turns to me at a brewery and asks what I want, I just shrug and point to anything with peach or passionfruit and he orders me something light and usually fruity and I give him my opinion on if I like it or not, and then he drinks his beer which is usually dark and gross to me and proceeds to tell me about the flavor or hops or profile or something or other and I just nod because I don't understand and I'm just happy to be there with him. *shrug* Then I check in my beer on Untappd for cool points I don't deserve.

He loves craft beer and as a result, I've been to more breweries in the last two months than I even knew existed (well not really, but for emphasis). But don't get me wrong, I like a lot of what I've tried and I really like going, I just have no clue what I'm looking at. Maybe I should buy a book on it.


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

true food kitchen // mosaic district

Earlier this month, Jess and I had a girls' night and decided to try out True Food Kitchen in the Mosaic District. Since she's dairy free and I eat vegan, it was a great spot for both of us. It was a chilly night, but they had a great looking patio and the interior and atmosphere were great, though a tad crowded. True Food has a great philosophy about food and a rotating seasonal menu that we're going to be sure to check out.

I ordered the Teriyaki Quinoa Bowl and Jess had the Butternut Squash Pizza. Everything tasted fresh and both dishes were delicious. My bowl was filling and had a great mix of veggies. I'm not a huge avocado fan (gasp) but it went really well with everything else. It was a really pleasant meal and I'll definitely be returning!


Friday, August 18, 2017

summer 2017

Summer is winding down and coming to an end, finally. I worked a lot, but did manage to get out a do some really fun stuff!
In June, I spent a week out in Tennessee and it was great. Saw some baseball, got sunburnt, laid around the house. Back home, N and I sat on a lot of patios and complained about the heat, saw some great local sights, stopped by the farmer's market and the soap box derby, and caused general mayhem. In late July, N and I took a trip out to Tennessee, Mumma made us some amazing vegan spaghetti sauce, we did a lot of outdoor sitting and talking, and I found my favorite seasonal beer, RJ Rockers' Son of a Peach, and tried Shiner's Strawberry Blonde. I'm now in love with both. Jess and I saw Jurassic Park, one of my favorites, at Byrd Theatre, which was my first time going and it was awesome. A few weeks later, N and I shot down to the beach one weekend spontaneously and that was a lot of fun, then stopped at a friend's on the way back for some night swimming, squealing over hound puppies, and hanging out.

I'm normally a homebody, especially during summer, so I'm really glad I could get out more than usual.


Friday, April 21, 2017

local haunts: a trip to Maymont // RVA

Wednesday, my best friend and I took the little guys to Maymont and had a total blast. Maymont is a great park in Richmond, Virginia, that's open to the public and has so much to look at and enjoy. Gorgeous grounds, a Nature Center, an area where you can pet animals and feed goats, a beautiful Japanese garden with waterfall, and an equally pretty historic mansion where you can take tours.

We started off the day with a picnic complete with fruits, veggies, sandwiches, and snacks. After getting our bellies full, we walked into the Nature Center and checked all the fish, turtles, and other critters. There were even alligators! After checking out all the local water creatures, we cut the boys loose outside and headed to the farm area.

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

The boys got along really well and ran their little hearts out. I swear he's not that far away, the photos just make it seem that way! Haha. Maymont has really upgraded their farm area and it was really nice to walk through. There were three adorable little baby goats that we couldn't stop squealing over.

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

We all fed the goats and had a lot of fun checking out all the different animals. The tongue on this one!

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

We made our way through the wildlife, complete with owls, hawks, vultures, and eagles, to the Japanese Garden, which is absolutely stunning. They have massive koi and you can walk on stones to cross the pond. There's bamboo trails and fountains and the kids had a blast climbing on the rocks.

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

These are my gifts from the little guy. He is so sweet. I kept the flowers, and when he walked up to me with a handful of gumballs and said "these are for you", I told him I'd take a photo and he could find a special spot for them.

After trudging back to the car tired as could be, we headed home and both boys conked out. We definitely plan on making a few more trips this summer!


Monday, March 06, 2017

live music: space koi

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter space koi

Friday night my friend convinced me to go see a show, so we mosied on down to Benny's for a few beers and some food while we waited for Space Koi to come on across the street at Legume. I have to say, I'm not a live music kind of gal, but I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the music. Space Koi is an awesome mix of bluegrass and reggae!

We've decided that this summer we're going to see more live music and get outside more. The temperature took a dive so we haven't made it out much, but we've already seen a bit of one show so we're off to a good start!

Do you have any summer plans?


Thursday, December 08, 2016

eating vegan locally: Kickshaw's Kitchen

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

Besides the ever-present fries, tofu or salad options, there are surprisingly few true vegan options locally. There's a few restaurants in the downtown area that serve vegetarian and vegan food, but I don't eat out a lot downtown. However, yesterday before work I stopped by Kickshaw's Kitchen and grabbed a little platter for breakfast. They just recently opened their kitchen part in a cute little spot connected to their market.

I ordered the potato hash with Daiya cheese, vegan sour cream, and vegan bacon. This was my first foray into vegan bacon as I'm not a bacon fan in general, but it was good! And you can't beat $7 for a freshly cooked breakfast.

If you're in the area and fiending for some breakfast food, stop by!


Saturday, October 22, 2016

a fall morning in Bowling Green

Wednesday, I spent the morning in Bowling Green after an appointment. It was such a pretty day! It hadn't quite gotten hot and the leaves were changing.

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

I had a delicious breakfast at K Jo's Sweet Caroline, then took a little walk to check out the leaves and older buildings before coffee at The Mix House's new location. I've posted about their drinks on Instagram from their trailer location across the county. Their brick and mortar location is so nice!

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

Bowling Green is all of one block, pretty much, so there's a limited amount to see. Since I was there so early, the little shops hadn't even opened yet.

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

It was a nice little morning out to enjoy the beginning of fall. Where have you been lately?


Friday, October 14, 2016

a lazy day downtown

Yesterday, after I ran some errands on my day off, I decided to head downtown. I work down there, but very rarely get to actually stroll around. I stopped and had lunch at the Virginia Deli, which is one of my favorite spots. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the streets weren't really busy, so I sat outside and enjoyed the day.

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

Earlier that morning, my grandpa changed the oil in my car for me, so I stopped by Sugar Shack and picked up a couple sprinkle donuts for him and my grandma. My grandma grew up downtown, so as I was telling her where Sugar Shack was, she told me their building is right across from what used to be the service station my great grandpa ran! I love learning family history.

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

I've been watching my spending lately, so I didn't pick up a lot of things in my shopping, but I did stop by Ladyburg for a bath bomb, The Grove of Brite Blessings for a few stones, and then I stopped by Ulta (but that was an awesome point redemption deal and I ended up only paying $1.26 for the polish!).

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

Overall? A very unproductive, relaxing day. ♥


Saturday, August 27, 2016

local haunts: Hyperion Espresso // fxbg

hyperion espresso fredericksburg virginia lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

I love coffee. Plain and simple. I'm also a huge advocate of supporting local coffee shops. One of my favorites? Hyperion Espresso in Downtown Fredericksburg. They brew a fantastic dark roast, and they have almost any flavor syrup you could want.

During the summer, I typically stick with their smoothies or Italian sodas. Mango smoothie, peach Italian soda. ♥ You can't go wrong with the black tea, either. I recently tried their seasonal pomegranate black tea. Yum.

hyperion espresso fredericksburg virginia lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

I don't normally have a lot of time to hang out there, but they have loads of space for working on your laptop and hanging out with friends. When you buy a drink, just grab the wifi password from the register. The building that houses Hyperion is pretty gorgeous on the inside, too, so there's none of that stale decor you'll find at other coffee shops.

The baristas have always been friendly, so if you're not sure what to order off their extensive menu, just ask!

So if you're in the area, stop by! You won't be disappointed.