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Friday, August 18, 2017

summer 2017

Summer is winding down and coming to an end, finally. I worked a lot, but did manage to get out a do some really fun stuff!
In June, I spent a week out in Tennessee and it was great. Saw some baseball, got sunburnt, laid around the house. Back home, N and I sat on a lot of patios and complained about the heat, saw some great local sights, stopped by the farmer's market and the soap box derby, and caused general mayhem. In late July, N and I took a trip out to Tennessee, Mumma made us some amazing vegan spaghetti sauce, we did a lot of outdoor sitting and talking, and I found my favorite seasonal beer, RJ Rockers' Son of a Peach, and tried Shiner's Strawberry Blonde. I'm now in love with both. Jess and I saw Jurassic Park, one of my favorites, at Byrd Theatre, which was my first time going and it was awesome. A few weeks later, N and I shot down to the beach one weekend spontaneously and that was a lot of fun, then stopped at a friend's on the way back for some night swimming, squealing over hound puppies, and hanging out.

I'm normally a homebody, especially during summer, so I'm really glad I could get out more than usual.


Thursday, January 26, 2017

2017 goals

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

I'm not generally a New Year resolution type of gal and this post is pretty late, but Jess and I were talking and I thought I'd put together some goals for the year. It never hurts to work toward something, right?
  • Try new things. I can get pretty deep into my routines, so I'm hoping to branch out and try doing things I've never done before.
  • Build on my reselling business. I had a fairly successful year on eBay and Etsy as a hobby, but I hope to build on that and turn it into a full-time second income. I've started sourcing and have been pretty fruitful thus far! Cataloging and organizing inventory is next.
  • Develop a yoga routine. One of the biggest things I miss doing is going to yoga. I didn't have a lot of time to go in 2016, but I definitely want to get back into the habit of going. While this may contradict my "get out of my routine" goal, I think this is a healthy thing to work toward.
  • Use my planner. I finally found a weekly planner that I love and I really want to start using it on a regular basis. I need everything all in one place, and it's a pain to input everything into Google Calendar, as the only device I use is my phone, so I don't need the syncing. I'm highly visual, so hopefully keeping it all in one place will help me be more organized.
  • Work on my anxiety. I've developed some pretty severe anxiety over the last few years and I've not been making the best choices that have helped me deal with it. I hope to establish some new habits and help manage my anxious thoughts.
What are you planning for the fresh year?


Thursday, January 05, 2017

a belated merry Christmas

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

Merry Christmas! It's 34 degrees and a chance of snow today, so I thought it would be the perfect time to write a little post about the wonderful Christmas I had. The holidays this year were a blur, but a good one! I spent Christmas morning with my father's side of the family and it was great. I received a lot of amazing, thoughtful gifts. Later in the week, I went out to Tennessee with my brother and his girlfriend to celebrate Christmas with our mom and stepdad and that was just as good! It was a really nice week full of family and food.

How was your holiday? ♥


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

winter wishlist

Winter is well on its way here in Virginia - last night it dipped below freezing. I love winter and I can't wait, so I thought I'd put together a little winter wishlist!

winter wishlist

Matt & Nat Schlepp Vegan Leather Tote // I've been on the prowl for a dark red vegan leather bag and I think I found it.

Lush Butterbear Bath Bomb & Salt and Peppermint Salt Scrub // Oh man. I looked at these on the Lush site and vanilla and peppermint and ah!

Frostbeard Book Lovers Soy Candle - Reading at the Cafe // Coffee and chocolate, oh my! A Frostbeard candle has been on my 'want' list for quite a while, and I love how cozy candles are in the winter.

San Diego Hat Company Knit Infinity Scarf // I've really started to love knit scarves, so I'd love to pick up a couple of these.

Himilayan Salt Lamp // Does everyone but me have one of these? I've heard they're great for energy and clearing toxins.

Breville BTM800XL Tea Maker // This may be a weird thing to have on a wishlist, but warm tea is one of my favorites, especially in winter. Since the sister store to where I work is a loose leaf tea and spice shop, I have access to hundreds of types of tea! My boss has a Breville and it's great - it steeps and uses correct temps and everything!

Is there anything on your winter wishlist? ♥


Tuesday, December 08, 2015

#BloggerSecretSanta received!

#BloggerSecretSanta received the martian dog scarf baseball mug lucky bandit blog

A couple days ago I recived my #BloggerSecretSanta gift! Caelan over at Daily Sass was my Secret Santa. I love everything in my box - thank you!

Baseball Mug // Yes, please! Huge Yankees fan right here.

The Martian by Andy Weir // So beyond excited to start reading this. I already have a bookmark in it!

Dog Scarf // Two of my favorite things: dogs and a scarf!

We all completed a list on Elfster, so if you're looking for a place to start one, I recommend there! If you missed this year's Blogger Secret Santa, don't worry, there will be one next year as well! :)

Friday, December 04, 2015

A Gift Guide for Jess @ Writing in Red Lipstick

Writing in Red Lipstick Blog Gift Guide

This Christmas season, Jess and I decided to put together a gift guide for each other's blog. Here's what I came up with for hers, Writing in Red Lipstick! Since red is a predominant color in her blog's name and layout, I decided to try out a gold, red, and silver gift theme.

Yankee Candle in Home for the Holidays // It might not be Christmas just yet, but it'll certainly smell like it.

Kate Spade Glitter Stud Earrings in Silver // How great would these be for a holiday party?!

E.l.f. Matte Lip Color in Rich Red // Obviously Jess is a lip color fan (and only goes for cruelty free brands, woo!), so I thought I'd pick E.l.f.'s new matte lip color!

Red Plaid Blanket with Fringe // More coziness! The perfect thing to curl up with a good book.

Georgia Perry Lipstick Pin // Pins are HUGE right now, and this one is perfect!

I hope this gave you some ideas for your own gift buying adventures.

Happy holidays!

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

#bloggersecretsanta Sign Ups with Writing in Red Lipstick!

#BloggerSecretSanta blogger secret santa writing in red lipstick lucky bandit blog


This year, Jess and I are organizing a Blogger Secret Santa! If you're interested, simply head over to Elfster, register for an account, and sign up! Super easy, huh?

Once you've signed up, here are the simple details:

  • Pairs will be chosen on December 1st, and the gift exchange date is December 10th.
  • The spending limit is $20.
  • Make sure you fill out the wishlist on Elfster so your Secret Santa knows what you'd like. :)
  • You can hand wrap and mail your gift, or simply send it directly through somewhere like Amazon with a gift receipt/note.
  • Make sure you social media info is included in the packaging, however, so your new blog friend can find you!
Are you as excited as we are? Happy gifting!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

fall wishlist 2015

My favorite season is upon us! I love cold weather. I love the colors of fall (even though I look dreadful in orange), the crisp air, the food, FOOTBALL (Go Panthers!), and of course Halloween. You sun lovers can have that summer crap. I get zero enjoyment from warm weather. I'd prefer it be a balmy 30-60 degrees every day. Anyway, I'll stop spewing my love for fall and introduce you to my fall wishlist!

Plaid Scarves // I already have one plaid blanket scarf, but I'd like a darker hued version to carry me through fall. The one pictured from Aeropostale is perfect.

Warm, Cozy Candles // Coffee and pumpkin? Yes, please. I refuse to drink pumpkin spice lattes, but I'll buy a candle that smells like one.

Dark Wash Jeggings // Ain't nobody got time for real jeans. Jeggings are so much more comfortable and easier to wear with tall boots. I love the AEO Sateen X style.

Graphic Sweatshirts // I've been really loving the graphic sweatshirt craze that's started - especially this one from Forever 21. More spunk and less hassle than a cardigan.

Travel Mugs // Can you tell I'm into plaid this season? This mug from Macy's is perfect for all the soy vanilla lattes I plan to drink this fall.

Rose Gold Jewelry // Rose gold is my favorite metal tone, followed closely by yellow gold. For fall, though, I'd like to pick up a few more rose gold pieces, like these earrings!

Sunday, July 05, 2015

happy fourth, America!

Happy Independence Day, fellow Americans!

Today we celebrated America's independence by going to the local Beaverdam Fourth of July parade. I've been going to this parade since I was little, waiting on the side of the road to catch candy that the floats threw - now I go not only to celebrate Independence Day, but to support my grandpa who enters a couple antique vehicles every year, and my father who usually has a few trucks as well.

fourth of july beaverdam fourth of july parade katelyn carter antique car

How was everyone's Fourth?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas finds

I'm a huge fan of the holidays - I love the atmosphere, the reason, and the decorations! I thought I'd share some great holiday finds I've been loving.

As always, click the photo to be taken to the link.

flapper doodle snowing brooch what i love wednesday
This brooch from Flapper Doodle. Kate has several gorgeous holiday versions!

handmade dog ornament beagle
This gorgeous handmade ornament.

Santa screen printed plushies etsy
These little plushies!

DIY gnome ornaments
Make your own ornaments!

family sponge book Christmas tree
Bookworms unite!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

halloween 2014

While I don't have many photos from Halloween night, nor are they great quality, there are a few. I was Medusa and handmade my costume. I had just as much fun crafting as I did wearing it! My friend Steph let me borrow the green dress, and I made everything else with spray paint, glitter, and glue.

halloween 2014 medusa

We were able to dress up for work, and it as a big hit with our customers. Afterward,  I went to our local hole and I participated in the costume contest. I won most creative!

halloween 2014 medusa

For my hair I used a little 3" Christmas wreath I noticed in a box at the local flea market that I spray painted gold, then added emerald green glitter. The snakes were a dollar find that I spray painted gold as well, along with more glitter. I sprayed painted an old pair of canvas shoes gold for work, and an old pair of heels for the contest. My sash was another flea market find - some kind of gold tasseled rope that was in the same Christmas box as the wreath. I had an arm cuff, bangle, and a couple rings that really pulled together the whole thing.

Now that I look at these on something other than a phone, these are really horrible quality! I guess a dark bar isn't the most ideal place for phone photos. Sorry!

Monday, October 06, 2014

great gifts for dog lovers

Great Gifts for Dog Lovers

As a proud dog mama to our two rescues, I love getting dog related gifts. If you have one of those friends like me (or you're that friend), here's a nifty little gift guide to help you out if you just have no idea what to get that crazy dog mama or papa.

1. The Business Trip Bliss Top in French Bulldog from Modcloth
How adorable is this shirt? Perfect for that career minded friend that loves her pooch.

2. Housebroken Clothing's Shar Pei T-Shirt
I'm a sucker for anything shar pei. While I'm against breeding, we have two purebred rescues (25% of shelter dogs are purebred - but I love mixed breeds!), and I absolutely love breed specific items. Housebroken Clothing has several breeds to choose from!

3. Vans ASPCA Dog Slip-ons
Okay, come on. Shoes with dogs on them?!

4. Modern Dog Magazine
I got a subscription to Modern Dog magazine last year. I absolutely love it. I know magazines aren't exactly a tangible gift at the time of gift giving, but the dog lover in your life will thank you.

5. This Hanging Greeting Sign from Uncommon Goods
Spice up your friend's door with this quirky sign.

6. The Happy Hot Dog Clock in Orange from Bobby Berk Home
This would look really neat in a funky kitchen or small bath.

7. These Bulldog Slippers
You can never have too many pairs of slippers.

8. Pooch Related Jewelry
My mother actually got me the 'I Love My Dog' Pandora charm for my birthday, and I love it. It's not over the top, but clearly declares my love for my pups. This wire charm necklace from Metropark is adorable, too!

9. TOYS!
Sometimes, us dog people are just as happy with receiving gifts for our pups instead of something for ourselves. Their little wagging tails make our day. Target has some pretty cute toys, like this dragon and this lion.

And there you have it! Have fun picking out those gifts!