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Thursday, March 28, 2019

link love

Since I can't afford that Gucci belt, I might just settle for this one.

There's now cactus flower stamps and my always favorite, dragons!

The Bearpaw footwear company now has a vegan line!

I'm fascinated by venus fly traps.

My house has been needing some wall art and I love this Pups & Plants print.

How America blew it on arugula.

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unsplash-logoSteve Johnson

Saturday, February 16, 2019

link love

Some odd part of me really wants to try this cruelty free and vegan cheese curd lip balm or maybe the pizza version.

I ordered this rug for our apartment when we first moved in and it has been a GODSEND. Mud and water doesn't stand a chance with this at the door.

Duke University is leading a study about Cuvier's beaked whales and how they are the deepest diving mammal, even defying mammalian physiology!

I've gotten Kyle started on the cruelty free train...he called from Target after the detergent we typically get (Ecos) was out of stock. He said he couldn't find any available from the list he pulled up, so I directed him to Seventh Generation. Here's a list of some cruelty free and vegan laundry products!

Jess has an amazing pasta recipe over on Writing in Red Lipstick!

I've always loved Stay Home Club, but I'm really liking this beanie.

Instagram confirmed a bug that has altered follower counts.

unsplash-logoViktor Juric

frugal bandit blog | my poshmark closet | shop leggings | shop my mercari


lucky bandit is a for profit blog. I use affiliate links and paid advertisements. I may earn compensation for a click or purchase through a link. Paid (whether via product or monetary) reviews will be noted in the actual post. Though compensation may influence the type of posts, all opinions and reviews will be legitimate and honest.

*All affiliate links will be marked with an asterick.*

Monday, January 21, 2019

link love

I recently bought some Invisibobble* Slim hair ties and absolutely love them!

Tomato sandwiches are one of my favorite meals. Here are 17 ways to build one!

This vase is so cute.

I don't have many pairs of post earrings, but they'd look great in this jewelry box.

Now that Covergirl is CRUELTY FREE (!!) I've been looking at their products. I ordered their Clean Matte BB Cream* and I love it.

Here are some pleasing Harry Potter facts to cheer you up.

unsplash-logoSergei Akulich

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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

link love

The unicorn trend isn't really my thing but I absolutely love this adorable unicorn print.

Loving this Bob Seger shirt.

If you've ever wanted to make your own nail polish, check out this book by Tiffany of Comet Vomit, the best handmade nail polish I've ever tried!

The insect apocalypse is here.

I love, love, love this article about what dogs can teach us about consent. To quote: "Just because we can force someone into compliance, doesn’t make it right."

We threw a housewarming/Christmas party and I totally utilized Jess' guide to entertaining on a budget.

Herschel has a new line of MLB products!!!

unsplash-logoTom Coomer

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

link love

I love this ode to tomatoes come the end of the summer season over on Portland Sampler.

A huge pumpkin fan I am not, but this vegan pumpkin bread looks so good.

Holy moly...PBTeen has an entire line of Harry Potter home goods.

It's a sad day in the holiday food world. Dorcas Reilly, the woman who created green bean casserole, has died at 92.

Floridians voted to end live dog racing by 2020! Victory! You can sponsor a hound here.

I read The Rule of One by the Saunders sisters and it was so awesome. Check it out.

I love these baseball scoring pencils.

Check out this amazing Hickory Horned Devil Caterpillar!

unsplash-logoDaniel Frank

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

link love

A few months ago I ordered the Beautifully Bare Blending Brush* by e.l.f. from Ulta and I am loving it!

This is a crazy story about something called lime disease, which can happen to anyone.

Holy cow, look at these awesome dragon stamps.

A two-woman team just recently shattered the record (held by men for over 100 years) for fastest speed on a bicycle.

Oh. My. Gosh. Y'all. How awesome is this vintage Looney Tunes Christmas themed nightgown???

A buffalo keychain!!

One of my favorite baseball lifestyle apparel brands, Routine, just got exclusive naming rights for a new stadium in Wisconsin.

unsplash-logoPrateek Pisat

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

link love

Check out the Honduran White adorable are they??

I absolutely love this look by Jessie over at Mini Penny.

Allllll the heart eyes for this celestial tea steeper.

Here's 24 ridiculously easy vegan recipes anyone can master.

Oh my gosh, I already love Amy's Spaghetti Italiano dish, but they have a new vegan spinach ravioli bowl and I can't wait to get my hands on one.

I love this post titled 'Things All Bloggers do in Summer' over on The Emerald Dove.

This story about a scientist repeatedly catching an old, fiesty female cardinal every year for eight years made my day.

unsplash-logoCristina Gottardi

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

link love

I'm in love with this tee.

A recent discovery of Sam Barsky's Artistic Sweaters over on The Only Living Girl in New York has warmed my soul.

Here's a really interesting post about dandelions.

This bracelet!!

I'm going to try Tuttorosso's recipe for easy blender salsa.

This post over at Portland Sampler about their newly adopted dog makes my heart sing.

Holy cow, guys...check out these cantaloupe margaritas.

Here's a list (with videos!) of some of the longest hit home runs in baseball.

unsplash-logoVeri Ivanova

Friday, April 13, 2018

link love

Check out this sweet little needle felted swan over at Imaginary Wardrobe.

Legging Army* has come out with so many awesome prints lately. Of course I snagged a baseball printed pair, but I really like the jellyfish pair and there's even some with ducks.

I've been sleeping a little better lately, but I think I want to try this oil from Essence of Vali.

Here's an interesting article about what food geniuses eat for lunch.

Check out this amazing Harry Potter snitch lamp thrift find!!

I love Jess' five easy ways to live luxuriously without breaking the bank.

I've been showing my houseplants a little more attention lately and I love these plant pokes and plant animals.

Here's a recipe for vegan grilled cheese and vegan queso.

unsplash-logoAnnie Spratt

Friday, February 09, 2018

link love

In Africa, geneticists are hunting poachers using rhino DNA.

Derby, the bat dog for the Yankees Double-A affiliate, has passed away from cancer. His son, Rookie, is carrying on the tradition like his father and grandfather, Chase.

Here's an interesting article about C. diff and a sugar found in ice cream.

I'm completely obsessed with living spaces in Brooklyn. Here's a little 400sq.ft. apartment, a gorgeously arranged studio, and this artisanal bodega.

Two of my very best friends, both named Jess, have each started their own podcasts: Millenial Mixology and I Can't Believe You've Never Seen. Check them out!

CC Sabathia has gone vegan.

Look at this adorable tutorial for heart shaped pom pom bookmarks!

unsplash-logoAnt Rozetsky

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

link love

I want to try these mini portobello mushroom pizzas that Jess made!

Here's a tiny survival guide that can be printed and carried in your pocket.

This really simple recipe for garlic pizza crust looks good.

This is heart warming. Here's a great list of 25 amazing things we did for animals in 2017.

The Flora of Virginia app looks so pretty!

Aldi now has a brand new line, Earth Grown, that's suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

This is a great article over on Gen Pink about which fitness trends to embrace and which to leave behind.

unsplash-logoJonathan Knepper

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

link love

I love American Eagle's entire Tennessee Volunteers line*.

Show your support for wildlife folks in Texas working diligently to help save bats from White-nose Syndrome.

I'd like to try this fall brussels sprouts quinoa salad.

Here's an interesting article about banana flavoring.

Guys!! There's a vegan loaf recipe generator.

I just discovered Blackbird Cosmetics and I really want to try the Dog Days and Atlas eyeshadows.

Ahh! Cookbook Village!! What! I'm eyeing this Hot and Spicy and Meatless cookbook.

Linda Xu

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

link love

I'm going to implement some of Jess' money saving tactics.

I'd like to give Book Crossing a try.


Check out all of these original 101 Dalmatians posters.

Here are five brutal truths about dating a Taurus.

I'm still so, so proud of all the rats that are trained and in training to detect landmines and tuberculosis. You go, little guys.

I love all the mirrors in this post.

This attic apartment is absolutely gorgeous.

Pizza Hut's vegan options have me drooling.

A to Z Candles has their Halloween Collection out already! All the heart eyes.

Luisa Rusche

Sunday, August 06, 2017

link love

This is a neat little "primal astrology" page that connects your signs. I'm a kangaroo.

As a small town umpire, I love reading about MLB umpires. Check out this article about Joe West, who just called his 5,000th game.

Seven signs of dehydration and five tips to prevent it.

Here's a nifty guide to identifying clothing by union label.

What Hogwarts teaches about running a business.

NEVER put your dog on a retractable leash and ALWAYS leash them in areas that require it. If you need more convincing, read this story.

Basic as a stereotype.

I'm so ready for fall and this baked potato soup or this creamy potato and white bean soup is perfect for cozying up with a book.

I really love the Pearl the Spider collection from The Oblong Box Shop.

Nurturing creativity in solitude.

This pin showcasing rescue dogs busting out of shelters brings happy tears.

Kalegin Michail

Sunday, July 23, 2017

link love

Check out this banging mint leopard french manicure from Jacquie!

I love this tote.

I love, love, love falafel.

What is this??? Vegan mac & cheese pizza with potato chip topping. Jaw drop.

Here's a recipe for two ingredient quinoa bread!

Downsizing? Here's five dilemmas and how to deal with them.

I'd like to try my hand at making veggie egg rolls.

There's a coffee shop coming to RVA that is similar to a cat cafe...except with lizards!

This is a great post on being mindful of consumerism when you're a blogger over at From Roses.


A mom wouldn't let her son accept a perfect attendance award, and she had a great reason why.

Check out Starbucks' new certified vegan lentils and vegetable protein bowl!

Morgan Sessions

Friday, March 31, 2017

link love

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Candle from Toadily Candles in Cantaloupe

I recently stumbled upon Flatter Me Belts and I really want to try one.

Do you like bats? I love them! Bat World in Texas has LIVE Bat Cams! Check out these furry flying mammals!

This is a pretty good article on finding clothing at thrift shops.

Vegan chickpea tuna melt? Yes, please.

Here's an interesting article about when unprocessed becomes a moot point in food. It delves into "unprocessed healthwashing", which is something everyone should learn about.

This muscle shirt is how I'm justifying not exercising.

Bob's Burgers is one of my favorite shows ever and they're releasing a soundtrack! PULLING DOWN THE PANTS OF THE NIGHT!

The bees need our help - here's an easy way to make a bee waterer!

Totally drooling over this ziti.

Here are 14 signs you have an unhealthy attachment to your dog. I don't think it's unhealthy.


Monday, October 17, 2016

link love

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Here are five things you should never assume about someone with an eating disorder.

So, caftans may not be the "it" thing for people in their twenties, but I can totally see myself shuffling around the house in my slippers wearing this one.

This is a really great "beginner's guide" to preparing tofu - check it out over on Mo'adore!

I just started my minimizing journey in early September, so this article about why you shouldn't feel like a minimalist imposter is great.

I'm in love with this coffin makeup brush holder!!!

Seven species of bees have been added to the endangered species list

Here's a great list of 2016's Best Vegan Lifestyle blogs.

I LOVE bats, and three endangered species were just found in Turkey! Yay!

Roasted garlic cream over potatoes? I'm practically drooling.

I just found this shirt with a print about rescue dogs and I love it.

A friend of mine is a marine biologist in the Maldives, and he posts articles on Facebook like 8 plastics to quit right now and they're really helpful!


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

link love

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

Stephen King weighed in on the recent clown scares in North & South Carolina.

Bats cock their heads like puppies when targeting prey!

I follow The Secret Life of Dog Catchers on Facebook, and here's a neat article about Malachi the Wolfdog.

A vegan breakfast sandwich? Yes, please.

I love these heels!

I bought these sandals on clearance at Target the other day, then I found an almost identical pair at Anthropologie for $68! Sometimes it pays (saves?) to be a Target lover.

This recipe for vegan mushroom alfredo from Gourmandelle looks delicious.

Another recipe, this one from Vegan Richa. A gluten free and vegan almond poppy seed cake.

Make sure you get your Always Sunny Beauty Gift when you sign up for a Julep Beauty Box with the code "SUMMERBEAUTY"!

Nail biting may be a sign of something other than anxiety.


Wednesday, September 07, 2016

link love

link love lucky bandit blog
(This is one of my boss' beetles...yeah, I have the coolest job.)

Go, little Fury! She's the first of her puppy kind to start being trained for a canine anti-poaching unit. She's adorable and saving the animals. (And the baby elephant gif at the bottom is too cute.)

In the reading world, I'm a huge horror genre fan (Yes, Stephen King!) and here's a list of 10 books that will haunt your dreams.

Not all anger needs management. It just needs to be recognized as constructive or destructive.

I am one of those terrible people that reads the synopsis of a movie without ever seeing it. I'm obsessed with doing it. And I just found The Movie Spoiler.

This is a really interesting article about consuming protein and age.

I have a STRONG aversion to the words "retard" and "retarded". Here's an article on why you should stop using them.

This bag in taupe is amazing.

I'd like to try this stew recipe this fall.

I'm totally gearing up for Halloween and this ring is perfect.


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

link love

link love lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

Here's six reasons why you think your foundation sucks.

Check out this crazy underwater river in Mexico.

The sad, sexist ballad of salad.

I work in a candy store and get asked "Do you have Kinder Eggs?" all the time. They're illegal here. The very bottom of this article gives a simple reason to why we can't carry them.

There's now a color thesaurus!

I am one of those chronically late people.

Tucker is a super chewer - I mean, Hardcore Chewer Kongs last twenty minutes in our house. But West Paw has the Tux Toy and it's lasted since April. A GOD SEND in the dog toy world.

Ladies, stop calling yourselves 'girls'. We are WOMEN, not children.

An otter tape dispenser! So cute.

23 things all binge readers can identify with.

Here are 30 must read articles if you're thinking of going minimalist.

These booties are so cute.

Fall is coming! I love a good blanket scarf.

This comic from Awkward Yeti defines me as a shopper.