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Friday, April 13, 2018

link love

Check out this sweet little needle felted swan over at Imaginary Wardrobe.

Legging Army* has come out with so many awesome prints lately. Of course I snagged a baseball printed pair, but I really like the jellyfish pair and there's even some with ducks.

I've been sleeping a little better lately, but I think I want to try this oil from Essence of Vali.

Here's an interesting article about what food geniuses eat for lunch.

Check out this amazing Harry Potter snitch lamp thrift find!!

I love Jess' five easy ways to live luxuriously without breaking the bank.

I've been showing my houseplants a little more attention lately and I love these plant pokes and plant animals.

Here's a recipe for vegan grilled cheese and vegan queso.

unsplash-logoAnnie Spratt

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