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Saturday, February 26, 2022

link love

Chicobag has a Pay It Forward program where you can send them your old reusable bags.

Check out this article about the impact of the potato and tomato on European demographics and culture. It's a good read!

Everyone knows I'm obsessed with baseball. I umpire and play in two leagues, and in my local sandlot league I will occasionally come in as relief catcher, so this article about the evolution of catcher's equipment was interesting.

I love the promising idea of Eco Lips Plant Pod

I like hearing the origin stories of things and this article about the white sauce you get at Mexican restaurants didn't disappoint.

Since I don't have a sense of smell, my taste is slightly diminished. I just found the Hot Sauce Mall and I'm too excited to order some different types, like this garlic hot sauce.


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Photo by Steve Johnson.

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