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Wednesday, May 08, 2019

brunch & plants

Last Saturday all of us gals who work part time at the kitchen met up for brunch. Admittedly this was my first experience I last the last millennial on the planet to have brunch? That aside, we met up at the aptly named restaurant, Brunch, in Richmond and it was absolutely amazing.
Brunch is fairly new and is the morning counterpart of Lunch.Supper, which is also absolutely amazing. I'm really fortunate to live in a city with such fantastic food. I had the smoked salmon cake bennie with dill-dijon hash browns and I would happily eat that every morning for the rest of my life. That fresh house hollandaise was the highlight of my month. Of course I had to order a side of the Supper collards, which might possibly be the best collard greens I've ever eaten. I don't think I've mentioned how good the food was, have I?
The atmosphere is great and I love the painted (wallpaper?) floral pattern on the walls and (of course) the many boxes lining the ceiling that teemed with plants. After spending a few hours screeching like a bunch of hens and seeing our favorite chef, I headed over to the Lewis Ginter PlantFest with my friends Carrie and Kelly.
This was the first year I've been and it was great! I picked up a 13lb bag of worm castings, a purple basil baby, a citronella plant for my balcony (which I've already started propagating!), a purple pepper plant, a cute little ogre ear, and some yarrow. I'm almost ready to move my seedlings outside so these were some nice additions to my plant collection.

How was your weekend?

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