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Friday, June 07, 2024

frugal friday - may

Onto May! 
  • No Spend Days: Only 3 - it wasn't a great month for these!
  • Grocery deals: five boxes of strawberry applesauce on clearance at $1.49 each, markdown $1.80 asparagus, markdown $1.78 bag of salad mix, $1.67 blackberries, $1.99 bag of mini peppers, $1.99 breakfast sausage, $1.49 Mountain Dew 2 liter, $2.99 2lbs of strawberries, $4.49 Dove body polish, $1.49 Kroger makeup remover wipes, $3.99 party size Doritos, $1.49 blackberries, $1.17 markdown bag of salad mix, $1.79 dozen eggs, $1.49 bottle of Italian dressing
  • Money made outside of my two jobs: 
    • DoorDash $126.75, 
    • Other: $339.25
  • I borrowed a few ebooks from the library - Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs, Hollow City by Ransom Riggs
  • A Kroger visit granted me $3.50 back from ibotta
  • My second job has a neat little wall of free items you can pick from if you spend $50, so I snagged the pictured 9.5oz container of onion powder
  • I'm changing locations within the company and I'll keep the same schedule, but I'll be working a short ten minute walk from my apartment and will receive a parking deck spot for only $45 a month (an absolute steal in the city)
  • I returned a container of already dried up Gorilla Glue and a cooling collar that didn't fit Og to Walmart and got back $8.46
  • While Grove Co. ran their Memorial Day sale, I snagged some reusable cleaning bottles at a discount and can hopefully reduce more waste by using their small refill containers (when you have to walk a block to the dumpster and drive ten minutes for recycling, less waste is important 😂) along with a promo for a free bottle of Method fabric softener, Method wood cleaner, Method body wash, and two samples of laundry and dish detergent pods
I'm still decluttering! I feel like I've been doing this forever and my belongings don't dwindle. What is happening?
  • Large stack of DVDs, stickers - given away on Facebook
  • A paper bag of clothing and shoes - donated
  • Watering can, two notebooks - chewed up by the piranha that is Ogden
  • A large stack of vintage linens - sold
May wasn't great for note-taking of food waste. Whoops!

Frugal Fails:
  • My local Aldi changed to those god-awful huge baskets and I couldn't get mine back into the cart return and got frustrated and just walked away from my quarter
  • I accidentally left a jar of jalapenos out on the counter and tossed them
  • While under the weather I racked up two parking tickets - $25 a pop, but still way cheaper than paying for a parking spot
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