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Friday, May 03, 2024

frugal friday - april

The year is flying by! March's post somehow got lost, too, so here's April's.
  • No Spend Days: 8
  • Grocery deals: $1.99 NatureSweet Glorys tomatoes, free jar of Kroger pasta sauce
  • Wegmans had an Earth Day coupon for a free reusable bag, which I redeemed
  • I was checking out at Kroger and a worker said "you can use that coupon" - someone had left a $2 off your next purchase coupon on the machine. She said most people don't check the coupon machine
  • Arby's is having a free sandwich month - one free sandwich each week in April with a purchase. I redeemed two sandwiches by buying a juice box ($1.99) while running errands. I don't normally eat meat, but I also don't turn down a free meal
  • My dad was getting rid of a few bins of linens/clothing/bedding that were from our childhood, so my brother and I went through them and I brought home an 80s pastel flower Corningware, some potholders, a blanket, some t-shirts/sweatshirts, and some linens I could use at home 
  • I took some clothing and shoes and such to Uptown Cheapskate and made $14.00 and they donated the rest to a local thrift shop
  • Here are all my birthday month perks that I redeemed!
    • A $10 reward from mezeh* (I got a bowl for 72¢!)
    • 5¢ off per gallon in addition to the normal 3¢ off at Sheetz - equaling 8¢ off per gallon total
    • free slice of birthday cake from Fresh Market
    • free vanilla shake from Arby's
    • free chicken salad sandwich meal complete with a side of pasta salad, pickle, and a cookie from Chicken Salad Chick
    • free Trenta Peach Iced Black Tea from Starbucks,
    • free slice of Birthday Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory (my dad took me out for a birthday lunch!)
    • free McChicken from McDonald's
    • free pecan braid from Panera

I'm still decluttering! I don't know how I accumulated this much junk.
  • Lot of 8 embroidery hoops, a dog bucket hat, - sold and shipped with recycled shipping materials
  • Two metal dog bowls found in the pantry, an insulated Grubhub bag, four unopened rolls of Christmas gift wrap, a makeup brush cleaning device, a 12x12 craft project box - given away
  • A tube of Aquaphor lip balm, several gift bags, my Stanley lid, two mini tubes of Carmex - chewed up by Og the wonder-chewy puppy
  • A 12-drawer rolling cart - sold on Facebook Marketplace
I've done really well with food waste lately, so hopefully I can keep it up into April
  • Eating through the pantry/freezer: hardboiled the last of the eggs for Ogden, the last of some rice from an Indian delivery, a bag of frozen peaches, a vegan tikka masala from Trader Joe's, 
  • I had one almost shriveled yellow squash to use up so I made a little casserole for one with minced garlic, basil paste, thyme, garlic powder, s&p, with breadcrumbs and parmesan on top
Here are some birthday offers I received but didn't redeem, for reference:

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