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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

frugal friday

my $3 thrifted umbrella 

As always, here's ways I've saved and made a buck (here and there in the last six months)!
  • My Verizon anniversary came around and they sent me a $10 Amazon giftcard (it's only been 19 years, no big deal *eye roll*)
  • I had an absolutely wonderful coworker save me a TON of boxes at work, and between her and my pilfering of boxes that otherwise would've gone on to the landfill or recycling, it saved me pretty penny on moving boxes
  • At the end of September I signed up and received my second Covid booster shot for free at Walgreens and today I received my free flu shot from my place of employment
  • I received a $50 Visa giftcard from Xfinity and applied it to my credit card balance that was due. I also deposited a $4.89 refund check from my insurance company for overpayment of premium!
  • I sold several items on Poshmark and a bunch of furniture and flower pots on FB Marketplace
  • I worked on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day and made time and a half along with a few bartending shifts that pay more per hour.
  • There was an issue with my cellular data so I called Verizon and we got that straight while upgrading my plan and saving me $14.99 a month as Hulu/Disney+/ESPN+ is now included in my upgraded plan for free
  • I redeemed a $10 coupon off a $10 order at Ulta, and redeemed $3 in rewards
  • When I moved I changed my renter's policy's coverage and they sent me a $77.80 premium refund check (what! I'll take it)
  • Amazon Prime gave me a seven day trial for HBO Max, so I finished the third season of His Dark Materials for free
Things I've decluttered in anticipation for my move/after I moved:
  • A bunch of jars and lids I'd been hoarding ("that's a good ass jar!"), recycled
  • I've used up a BUNCH of condiments, sauces, and skin care
  • Several Poshmark items and recycled polymailers
  • A large ceramic pumpkin, a stack of Dollar Tree organizers, sold & given away on FB
  • My entryway table, desk, and large plant stand, sold on FB marketplace
  • A small space heater, to someone in a free FB group
  • A stack of books and cereal bowls, to two friends
  • A dozen or so planters, sold on FB
And how I've avoided food waste:
  • I had a cooler full of frozen food that I wasn't going to eat (hashbrowns, half bags of vegan chicken nuggets, some spring rolls I didn't like) and my best friend went through it and grabbed what they'd eat
  • Even though I get free lunch at work, I don't have a microwave at my new apartment so I take meals in because I'm more inclined to eat leftovers if I can easily heat them vs. using the oven

my poshmark closet | shop my mercari
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