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Saturday, December 10, 2022

mini book haul

I recently moved to an apartment downtown and I've been having a lot of fun wandering around my area. I was passing by Fountain Books and noticed they had a box of free books outside. I'm never one to turn down an opportunity to get a new book, so I took a look inside.
Exciting! I first noticed The Prisoner by B.A. Paris, as I'm a fan of Behind Closed Doors. I wasn't familiar with any of the others, but I snagged Raw Deal by Chloe Sorvino. I never really eat meat, but I enjoy non fiction themes like this.

I, once again, am not going to complete my reading challenge, unfortunately. I started reading It by Stephen King and that's kept me pretty occupied (over 1,100 pages!) despite how quickly I can read! Maybe 2023 will be the year I finally, for the first time ever, complete a reading challenge.

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  1. I found a B.A Paris book in a free library (It was called "Behind Closed Doors" and I really liked it, which is impressive because I read so many psychological thrillers. I'll have to check this one out as well!