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Friday, April 07, 2023

frugal friday

Regrowing romaine hearts. They're already about two inches tall!

Another week (or months with how my blogging is) of how I've made or saved some cash.
  • The electric company sent over a refund check for a span of a few years or something and I got back a whopping $1.02
  • I picked up a free 40pk of water with coupon at BJ's and a huge bottle of Gain for $16.49. With coupon, BJ's Gain was 11¢ per load (146 loads) compared to Target, where I normally get my detergent, at 14¢ per load (107 loads) for $15.99. Pennies make dollars! 
  • I batched errands and all in one day took off my rather accumulated pile of recycling (the facility is only ten minutes away but it's out of the way), utlizied the last few days of my health insurance until the new kicks in to get three more months of my prescription for free, shipped a sold Poshmark item using a recycled polymailer, redeemed a free order of breadsticks with rewards points from Pizza Hut, and then worked my gig job for a bit and made $125 in five hours. While out, I got gas at BJ's and it was significantly cheaper than other stations.
  • My first day at my new job was Wednesday and I love it so far. I finally have my nights and weekends back! 💃
  • While I no longer have a balcony, I have some huge windows. I planted some basil seeds and I'm hoping they come up. We'll see. 
  • My best friend let me redeem her free year of MLB TV from TMobile 😍⚾
  • I redeemed a coupon for a free bag of Tostitos tortilla chips at Kroger. I've gotten a free bag each month since I moved to the area in 2018.

Things I've continued to declutter since I moved!
  • A piece of art I didn't want, to a coworker who loved it
  • I went through a bunch of my plant items and sold three plants stands for $35 total, four small pots for $10, and gave away a few small terracottta pots
  • A few more sold items on Poshmark, shipped in recycled bubble mailers
How I avoided food waste!
  • I've been eating through my freezer and I just thawed a large bowl of chili - it's as good as the day I made it!
  • Even though I overbought on produce, I finished all but maybe a cup or two of romaine. 

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