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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

review // Diamond Candles pumpkin espresso

Last fall I scored a Diamond Candle for 30% off, so I thought I'd save it for the apartment. I actually have no sense of smell, so it's more a novelty for me to burn candles. However, this one offered a little prize in the form of a ring. You can potentially get a higher value ring, but typically they're just costume pieces. I chose the Pumpkin Espresso scent.
I started it one Saturday morning. It had a little frosting, but it didn't affect the candle's burning. However, it did start tunneling a few hours into burning, which isn't something you want your candles to do. I try to always burn candles long enough for them to evenly distribute wax to prevent tunneling, so unfortunately it wasn't my burning technique.

According to a friend, the scent throw of this wasn't doing too hot, especially since I live in a tiny one bedroom.
Here you can see the foil packet finally revealing itself. It took about 10-12 hours to get to this point, over a few days. I didn't reach for this candle as much as the others since it doesn't have a lot of smell to it.
 This is the little foil piece once I pried it out with some tweezers. It was attached to the side of the candle and came out fairly easily. The ring itself was well protected and was inside a small bag in the foil.
And here's the ring reveal! It's worth $10 and honestly isn't really anything I'd ever wear, but it's fairly nice for a cheap costume piece.

Final verdict? I don't think I'll be ordering another Diamond Candle just because the candle itself wasn't super amazing. It was a fun experience and the ring was an added bonus, but I can get candles with a better scent throw elsewhere. I'll likely finish burning it because we already have it, but this will be the last one.

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