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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

vegan cuts box - may

second vegan cuts snack box
I got my second Vegan Cuts box last week! I was really anticipating it this month. There were lots of goodies! (And I'm gonna be honest - I was most anticipating those ranch chips!)

Last month's box, food wise, has a couple things I haven't tried yet, just because I don't normally eat them. This month, though - I think I'm gonna devour most of this pretty soon.

vegan cuts snack box

I'm gonna be honest - I don't like olives. And yes, I've had them. I just tried one about a week ago at the restaurant where I moonlight - I couldn't get over the texture. I want to love olives. I really do.

I'm not sure how the lemon fig bar will be. I normally only eat lemon/lemon flavored anything in the form of fresh lemons in my water, but I'll give it a shot.

Since it's been 90+ degrees almost every day here in Virginia, I'm probably going to wait for one of those rainy weeks to use the Jiva hot chocolate.

We've finally gotten our stove wired, so I can start making dinner! I'm going to make tacos pretty soon, so the Meatless Select Vegetarian Taco Meat is perfect!

And more spread! I've been wanting to get some mini bagels to try all my spread samples on - this month's sounds delicious!

vegan cuts snack box

I am a potato chip fanatic. I cannot wait to get into these ranch chips from Beanfield! I'm a little leery of the kale and chia chips, just because they're not normally something I would buy, but I do love kale, so they should be great.

vegan cuts snack box

We love pizza in this house, so the pizza dough is going to work out great! I might make some homemade sauce and venture out for some veggie cheese - I can't wait!

The Jyoti snack mix looks pretty yummy - I'm thinking I might settle down with a good book and snack on it.

So there's this month's box! I'm sure I'll have more mini reviews on my Instagram when I finally delve into these awesome products.


  1. Ooh this looks like such a tasty loot! I'm all about any type of chips! I tried "olive and feta" chia chips the other week and they were to die for!