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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

link love

I'm in love with this tee.

A recent discovery of Sam Barsky's Artistic Sweaters over on The Only Living Girl in New York has warmed my soul.

Here's a really interesting post about dandelions.

This bracelet!!

I'm going to try Tuttorosso's recipe for easy blender salsa.

This post over at Portland Sampler about their newly adopted dog makes my heart sing.

Holy cow, guys...check out these cantaloupe margaritas.

Here's a list (with videos!) of some of the longest hit home runs in baseball.

unsplash-logoVeri Ivanova

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

unboxing // nadine west #1

I recently signed up for Nadine West, a budget-friendly fashion subscription box. It's set up similar to other fashion shopping boxes - they send you some items, you only keep and pay for what you love, and send back the rest in the same envelope with the enclosed shipping label.

The best part is you can choose your frequency to receive boxes, either every two weeks or every four, and you only pay $9.78 for shipping, which is then applied to anything you do end up keeping. Your package is styled to things that you input into your profile, and you can choose things you don't want and even colors you don't wear (for instance - I stated I don't wear orange). Each item is under $35, but most average about $18.

My first box I got to try for free with the code NADINE, which deducted the initial shipping cost, and I even got a $3.00 discount if I kept anything. I chose to receive a package every four weeks to beef up my work and workout wardrobe a bit before I go full time at the office and start regularly going to the gym. I received six total items: one top, two bottoms, and three jewelry items.
Here are the clothing pieces I received. The Ballet Floral leggings ($30.99) had really cute mesh panels on the backs of the calves, but the pinkish floral print just wasn't me. Had these been black I would've been all over them, but these went back. The Not Your Gramma's Cami ($18.99) was a stretchy material and had cute detailing across the chest without being too low cut, so I'm keeping this one to go under cardigans this fall. The Bow Tied ($19.49) shorts were another thing I wanted to love, but I just can't make shorts like this work for my body type. I loved the color, but these went back.
First I'll say that all of the jewelry went back. These were super cute pieces, but they don't fit my current style. The Knot Me ($14.99) bracelet was cute, but I would've preferred it in gold. The Beneath My Wings ($14.99) earrings are just something I'd never wear, and the Starlight Starbright ($26.99) necklace was adorable, but was too similar to a starfish and I'm a mountains-not-beach kind of gal.

I wasn't disappointed with the selections in my first box as they're still feeling out my style and the items were really cute. I'm excited to see how they take my feedback and put together my next box!

Try Nadine West for yourself here!


Thursday, May 10, 2018

thrifty thursday #29

  • Tervis has an amazing lifetime guarantee, so a while back I had sent in a Tervis tumbler that had started allowing moisture in between the layers. My little Yankees jersey patch couldn't be saved, so they sent me a code for $22.99 off anything in their store. I ended up ordering this water bottle for when I travel, and I only paid $3.16 with free shipping.
  • After pending for what seemed like forever, a Poshmark purchase I made was approved to my ibotta account and I qualified for the Poshmark bonus, which was $10! That put me over the threshold to cash out, so $21.70 was instantly sent to my PayPal account by ibotta*. I also earned a quarter at CVS for any item, and 50¢ at Walmart.
  • Simple* now has a feature to open an Emergency Fund and every time I make some affiliate money or money via rebate apps, I transfer that over to it along with 12¢ a day that automatically comes out every morning. It's nice to see that number growing!
  • I'd been in the market for carry on luggage for my trips to go see Kyle, but turns out my mom had an extra she's letting me use, so I saved pretty penny. Do you know how expensive luggage is???
  • One night I stopped to pick up nasal spray (the bane of my existence) and used $5 ECBs at CVS to bring my total for the spray under $2.
  • I've been loading up on free eBooks from Riffle and BookBub emails.
  • My first check from training at my serving job came in and I stashed part of it in my emergency fund.
  • Picked up some lunch essentials at Food Lion the other day and earned $1 via ibotta and another $1 via Saving Star.
Frugal Fails
  • I travel around a lot for umpiring and I'm bad about stopping for fast food or bottled water, which just nickel and dimes me to death.