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Friday, December 15, 2023

frugal friday - november

Here's to this month's savings! (And another month closer to Christmas!)
  • November's no spend days: 11!
  • Grocery deals: $3.99 Freschetta frozen pizza (when did pizzas get so expensive??), free bag of Lay's ranch chips, $1.99 bag of petite potatoes, $1.99 strawberries, two bags of salad for 85¢ each, $1.99 package of snacking tomatoes, 25¢/pound sweet potatoes
  • I checked out I'm Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy as an ebook from the library

  • I redeemed three offers via Ibotta and got 85¢ cash back for my regular deodorant, Og's food, and the receipt.
  • My employer offered us our choice of fish, turkey, or ham and choice of pie for the holidays - I chose six pounds of fish and a pecan pie
Here's what I decluttered!
  • Another couple bags of recycling, to the proper bin
  • An over-the-cabinet plastic bag holder, my coffee table that ended up just too large for my space, iced coffee maker, bookshelf, a muzzle that I bought for Tucker and ended up not needing, three Lego sets, - all sold on Facebook Marketplace
  • Six books - sold on Pango Books
  • Two tote bags - given away on Facebook
  • A pair of heels - one of which Og chewed up, thankfully they were a cheap pair I didn't love
  • Four spools of destash ribbon - sold on Etsy
And again, how I saved on food waste!
  • I brought home two and a half quarts of chili, some greens, and some diced tomatoes from work - all destined for the bin, but still good!
  • Og helped me finish up a red bell pepper before it spoiled

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