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Friday, November 03, 2023

frugal friday - october

(the little menace himself)

I decided that I'd keep Frugal Friday to a monthly feature
  • October's no spend days: 12!
  • Grocery deals: 99¢ can of Campbell's chunky soup, $3.99 Digiorno pizza, $1.99 4lb bag of sugar, a 10 pack of instant potatoes for 80-ish¢ each
  • I made two returns to Amazon for items that didn't work - $24 something back in my account
  • A false charge from Kroger finally went back into my account after a week
  • My rental company had added a $38.50 charge to my account and I didn't know why. I disputed it and after a few emails back and forth, they admitted it was an error and it was removed from my balance due
  • I mended one of Og's toys where he'd torn a hole. Luckily it was at a seam and I just quickly sewed it back up
  • I redeemed a coupon for a free coffee at Royal Farms
  • During a hectic time, I had forgotten about hanging clothes to dry. Now that it's almost time to turn the heat back on, I've pulled out my drying rack (similar!) and I've been air-drying clothing again
Here's what I decluttered!
  • A little llama dog toy that fell apart beyond repair in the washer
  • Four empty jars from Dayum This Is My Jam (from some pickles and my favorite salsa), dropped off at their booth at the vegan festival
  • A big bag of recycling, to the proper bin
  • Six planters of various sizes, sold on Facebook Marketplace
And again, how I saved on food waste!
  • I baked a frozen pizza instead of ordering one for delivery (I always end up tossing dried out delivery)
  • The last time I made curry I had frozen a few portions and thawed one out for lunch one day
  • I brought home a container of pasta salad, some peas and green beans for Og - all destined for the trash at work, but definitely still good
  • While I'd used up all of the delicious fresh black pepper pasta, I used up the last of a jar of my favorite Tomato Basil pasta sauce on some boxed capellini 
  • Instead of buying a bottle of ranch, I made some at home for $2.78 (already had the mayo). Not a huge savings, but it tastes so much better than storebought

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