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Friday, September 29, 2023

frugal friday

(an easy burrito bowl lunch)
Another Frugal Friday!
  • I had applied to the American Airlines baggage class action suit and will receive a $25 check for a flight I took back in 2018
  • The Richmond Symphony sent me a voucher for two free tickets and I'm excited to redeem them this year
  • With a Kroger coupon I paid $1.99 instead of $3.99 for a package of campari tomatoes - a great deal!
  • I lost my eldest dog Saturday (if I go into detail I'll cry, see my Instagram) and my precious friend/neighbor brought me some pumpkin bread to cheer me up ❤❤
  • I placed a hold at the library for an eBook I've been wanting to read
  • My little puppy, Ogden, and I went to a local island with one of my best friends to get some air and search for paw paws. We only found two paw paws, but it was such a great outing (and very low cost! She picked us up, but I'm still counting her gas in the expense)
  • I redeemed a Kroger personalized coupon for a free bag of Tostitos tortilla chips
  • When I stopped by Target after work I saved $4.27 (15%) on pizza sauce, cotton rounds, a box of tissues, paper towels, and Swiffer wet pads with a Circle deal
  • I stopped by Marshall's for a few things and found a bag of 78 count Bottle Bright on clearance for $12! Amazon has the 78 count bag listed for $32!
  • My boss asked if I'd like to pick up a bartending shift for a catering event in two weeks, I said yes
More decluttering!
  • A pair of mangled reading glasses, perks of having a puppy haha
  • Six freezer blocks I'd received in a package of drinks, thrown out after trying in vain to give them away
  • Ogden's first crate that he quickly outgrew - sold it and pocketed $15 ($5 more than I bought it for!)
  • A spare licky mat, to my coworker for his pup
And more ways I've avoided food waste
  • I brought home some green beans, spring mix, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, sliced pound cake, and some mandarin orange slices that were excess at work - still good, but destined for the trash because of the weekend
  • I finished a whole pizza, haha, which is rare. Usually I leave a slice or two and it dries out
  • When I met up with my friend Rae for some local exploring I brought her a bottle of ginger dressing I didn't care for that I'd only used one serving of, three veggie patties I wasn't a fan of, and some of the same sliced pound cake from work
  • I made a big pot of curry and a big pot of chili during the weekend that Tropical Storm Ophelia hit my area. I used up a bunch of things out of the fridge and pantry in the chili - chopped portobello, a pouch of rice/quinoa, some parsley
  • Ate up some leftovers brought home from work - smoked gouda mac & cheese, butter chicken & rice (without the chicken), 
  • While bulk slicing zucchini I kept the ends, rinsed them, and brought them home for low calorie treats for Og - bonus that my coworker brought some home for their lizard, and my other coworker decided to try some ends with his dog (who ended up loving them!)
Frugal Fails
  • Ogden promptly destroyed my 15% off box of tissues - I saved what I could but 😑

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