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Friday, September 15, 2023

frugal friday

Just a few more ways I've saved and made some dollars
  • I managed to snag a $350 Ikea coffee table for free from NextDoor and then listed and sold my little almost new Walmart coffee table for $15 all in one day
  • A few items sold on Poshmark and I shipped them out using recycled mailing items
  • My sister sent me home with two trays of vegetarian ziti after my nephew's birthday party. I ate it for a couple days, then froze it in individual containers for easy lunches
  • I went to cancel my Paramount+ subscription after the free trial and they gave me two months free
  • I earned 50¢ via Ibotta on an online Walmart grocery pick up
  • One evening I dropped by my good friend Rae's house and after a tour of their beautiful new home and garden, she sent me home with some freshly picked basil (pictured above)
  • I started my new job and fortunately have the clothing and shoes needed, although they are supplying me with a uniform once it comes in (and also free lunch every day!
I'm still on a decluttering journey. I hadn't been vigilant in a while, but really tried to buckle down recently
  • Eleven plant pots, sold for $25 for the lot
  • A K cup holder, sold for $7
  • Four gift bags/tissue paper from my gift wrapping stash, to my nieces and nephews for their birthdays
  • Small, but I brought another candle to my sister because I'm paranoid to burn them because of my anxiety 🙃
  • While not intentional, I broke a baseball candy dish when I was moving the trash can
I've been dilligently trying to avoid food waste while eating through my pantry and freezer, so here's what I've used up:
  • Some rainbow rotini, frozen fresh kale that I sauteed, and two chicken sausage links I don't remember picking up, tossed together with some vodka blush sauce.
  • The rest of the rainbow rotini for pasta salad
  • Finally used up a bag of tortillas - now only one bag left that I bought when I thought I was out
  • The last of a forgotten bag of chicken tenders that I don't even remember buying
  • I accidentally picked up a jar of Tomato, Onion, & Garlic pasta sauce and there were soooo many onions! I can't stand the texture of onions (I usually puree mine to still get that necessary flavor) so I ended up straining it and using the rest of it up!
  • Also at my newjob, I was prepping hundreds of grilled cheese sandwiches and brought home a back of bread heels. I'm going to show my best friends how to make croutons when we do meal prep

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