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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

diy climbing pole for plants

I love Monsteras. They're also climbers, so I decided to make my own climbing pole! I had initially made this for my deliciosa, but I think I'm going to let my recently acquired adansonii get a little bigger and use this for it instead and just make (or buy) a larger pole for the former. While it was cost effective to make my own smaller pole, the larger ones can get pricey. But here's how I made this one!

Here's the supplies I used:
1" wooden dowel, burlap trough liner, twine, scissors. I picked everything up at Lowe's for less than $12. I did already own the scissors. I completed this activity outside on my crappy balcony so I didn't get twine dust all over my apartment and dog hair all over my new pole.
I doctored the liner a little so it fit better on the pole. I tied the twine around the top and tightly wove it down the burlap around the pole. I left the bottom bare so moisture wasn't hugged against the wood.

And here it is! Just waiting to be climbed up by some plant babies.

How have you made your climbing pole?

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