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Monday, June 10, 2019

my little balcony garden

When we first moved in last year I'd been contemplating a garden. We have a tiny 5 x 8' balcony that I thought would work nicely for some outdoor plants. The balcony is south facing so it gets a fair amount of sun, though it was too much for my lettuce, but these guys have taken off!
My little pole beans all germinated and have taken off! I created this little bamboo trellis for them and they've started climbing! I can't wait for them to get big enough to produce beans.
My beloved tomato plants. ♥ I picked them up really cheaply at Walmart off the clearance rack and they're producing! Fresh tomatoes are my favorite.
My little purple pepper plant! So proud of this guy. I picked him up at the Lewis Ginter PlantFest and he's done well!

Hopefully I'll have some yummy vegetables here soon!


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