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Monday, October 16, 2017

tennessee // plants & homecooked meals

This past weekend, N and I took a little trip out to Tennessee to visit my mother. We were caught up in traffic all day Wednesday and ended up on a dirt road with no cell phone service. That But we finally made it out, only about four hours after our original arrival time.

It was a really laid back girls' weekend. All of us slept in Thursday, hung around the house talking for a bit and drinking coffee (I actually ate every leftover in my mother's fridge, but that's besides the point), then we went out and picked up some plants at Lowe's. You can't beat $1 succulents! We stopped by the store for things for dinner, then headed home.

Dinner that night was great. Mumma made my favorite dish - potzuquash! A mixture of squash, zucchini, and potatoes sliced and cooked with a little oil and spices. N and I prepared a fresh salad and even had some Tofurky chick'n to top it.

We settled in to watch some tv and catch up before we headed back the next morning. Mountain views and time with your mom always make things better. ♥


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