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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

on blogging & being a "blogger"

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I consider myself a blogger. I don't make a living doing this, and I have a full time job that sometimes prevents me from writing blog posts. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love blogging and everything that entails. I love having something to blog about. My life isn't the most interesting, but maybe someone out there wants to read about it. Haha!

My main reason for blogging is my mother - she lives six hours from me, and though we talk on the phone every day, there's things I forget about or are best told with written words and pictures. Even a post with a recipe gives her insight into how I spend my time.

Other reasons I blog? It passes time. I enjoy getting feedback on posts. I can document my life, things I love, photos, and more to look back on at a later time. It makes me stop and think about things I do on a regular basis. I put more thought into the things I buy, because if something isn't good enough to recommend to someone, why would I spend money on it? Although I will say that I don't buy things for the sole purpose of writing a blog post about them. A large portion of my life goes un-blogged.

I've had this little piece of blog heaven since 2008 (or at least my domain that long), and before that I dabbled in Xanga and Livejournal. No worries, they've long been deleted. I've been around in the blogging world for a while. Since I was so rooted in hobby blogging and other things, my blog never really grew. Here I am eight years later with less than 250 followers. Still. And some days that bothers me and some days I couldn't care less. I was reading blogs when the big dog blogs were just wee little online spaces. And what's happened? Now they've morphed away from blogs and more toward online magazines. Now, though, I really enjoy reading blogs about "real" people and how they spend their time.

Other times, blogging can be a burden. If too much time goes by without a post, I get antsy and try to hurriedly make something happen. It's hard to blog on your "own time" when others are churning out blog posts five times a week. It gets stressful, even without a huge following. I sometimes find it hard to distinguish between whether I'm writing for the enjoyment of blogging or whether I'm trying to just please people.

Well after that verbal flood, I have to say that overall, blogging has been good to me. Sure, there are negatives, but I thoroughly enjoy the world of blogs.

Any recommendations? ♥


  1. I have a love/hate relationship with blogging. Mostly love, though. :) I feel the same way though about taking time in between posts. I try to post 3 times a week, but there are times when I just don't feel like it and I always feel like I lose momentum. Plus, I feel like there's been an even bigger shift to people just reading and scrolling on by instead of commenting anymore. It's sad. But overall, I love it because I just like to write.

    1. Yes! If I don't consistently keep up with posting, I feel like I've lost all momentum and my ideas just go to the wayside. In the end, I've decided to just do me. Just do you! :)

  2. Love this post! I love blogging, but sometimes it can be SO time consuming that it stressed me out. I often feel like my blog is inadequate, but this post made me feel a lot better about my small amount of followers :)

  3. Thanks! I feel the same pretty frequently, but lately I've come to terms with my lifestyle and how often I blog. Glad I could help! :)