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Sunday, December 06, 2015

vegan tacos & leftover taco bowls

vegan tacos leftover taco bowls lucky bandit blog

A few nights ago I made cabinet tacos. Super easy. Grab stuff from your cabinet, prepare it  and then my favorite part: MAKE TACOS AND STUFF YOUR FACE! I pick up most of my taco supplies when I have Cartwheel deals and coupons. It's a quick and cheap dinner that's almost always on hand if you pick up things when you pass them.

Gardein Beefless Ground cooked in a pan with chili & garlic powder (25% off deal on Cartwheel!)
refried beans (25% off deal on Cartwheel!)
multi-grain tortillas
Tofutti sour cream (leftover from making party dip!)
cherry tomatoes
Badia chipotle sauce

The best part? Leftovers! I'm a huge fan of leftovers. Sometimes I prefer them. Well, with tacos, the leftovers are so easy to take to work the next day: taco bowls!

Omit the tortilla, throw your leftover ingredients in a bowl, top it with sauce, and TA DA! Lunch.


  1. I love cabinet tacos :) Really, every night should be taco night--there's nothing better than pulling together a yummy, healthy meal in a matter of minutes :) And Gardein products are some of my most favorite vegan meals!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I agree - tacos all the time! The Gardein crumbles here actually got a decent compliment from my carnivore father, so you know they're good! :) Thanks for commenting!

  2. How is the Gardein ground? I usually go for LightLife Smart Ground, but my supermarket stopped carrying it. I am looking for a new go to.

    1. I personally HATE that "faux meat" taste and thus avoid many meat alternatives. This gives you a nice texture and taste, but not to the point where you think you're eating actual meat. I'd definitely recommend it! (And I think Cartwheel still has the 25% off offer going on!)