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Thursday, August 17, 2017

thrifty thursday #17

  • I had an Etsy order for a destash item. One more thing out and a couple dollars in my pocket.
  • After reviewing some paranormal evidence, N and I stopped for a nice Italian dinner. It was a bit of a splurge (well not really), but we did get 10% off by checking into Yelp!
  • When we finished dinner, we walked next door to the grocery store. I picked up some frozen vegan lunches and some power grain waffles that were on deep closeout. At the register, the catalina printer spit out a coupon for a FREE pint of Halo Top ice cream. I won't eat it, so I'm going to give it to N.
  • Speaking of Yelp, our local (awesome) donut shop will give you a free donut if you check in on the app.
  • I brought home the leftover bruschetta from dinner and had it for lunch the next day.
  • I went to Aldi and picked up a bag of plums and a bag of nectarines for only $1.98 each. 
  • Made a quarter via ibotta* with the above grocery store visit.
  • I recently joined the survey site InboxDollars*, and I'm slowly chugging away at the $30 redemption mark.
  • I'm on Chipotle's text messaging list (scroll to the bottom to sign up) and I got a message a bit ago. I completed the little activity and was rewarded with a buy one get one free coupon.
  • I worked at a restaurant years ago and after I left, the manager roped me into helping with their booth at a brewfest serving food. It was pretty enjoyable and fairly easy work. Well, every now and then she'll ask if I can help with an event. Most of the time I'm working my current job but I was able to score two evenings' work at their booth at the local fair, so I'm happy to help out and earn a little pocket money at the same time. (Plus I don't have to be there until 4pm so I still get to enjoy the majority of my days off!)
  • Finished up a couple Zevia's that have been in the fridge forever, made a big batch of red quinoa I got free from work because it's date ran out, and used up a couple wrinkly tomatoes and the rest of some gazpacho for a sauce.
  • I put a ton of books I've been wanting to read on hold or my to hold later list at the local town library. They have such a selection compared to my county's smaller library.
How about you?


Wednesday, August 02, 2017

library haul

I recently got a card (again) for a huge library system in the city I work in. It's a little easier to access than my county library and I was eligible for a card since I have one in a surrounding county. Well, I checked out their online catalog and holy cow. SO MANY TITLES. I'm ecstatic! I put a ton of hold and on my to hold later list, but this is my first haul. I've already finished one of these.
Alllll of the graphic novels. They have such a selection and I'm trying a ton of new ones. I've already finished Rat Queens, which was amazing, and I'm going to start on The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen next. Y: The Last Man has been on my list for quite some time, and it comes highly praised, even by Stephen King. While I was browsing graphic novels, I stumbled upon The Hospital Suite and added it. Last but certainly not least, A BOOK ON BIGFOOT.

I have so many books I already own and need to read that I tried to stick with graphic novels as they're quick to get through when I want to read but don't have time to sit down for hours like I'd like. Luckily I have a few people to pass my books onto when I'm finished, so hopefully that motivates me to knock out my TBR list.

As usual, all links are Thriftbooks and not affiliate, but use this link* for 15% off and I get a discount, too!

What you reading?


Thursday, July 27, 2017

thrifty thursday #16

  • I completed Level 1 of the July Teamwork Challenge on ibotta*, which granted me an extra dollar! Thanks, team! :)
  • During a thrifting trip, shoes were buy two get one free - I picked up a pair of clogs, a pair of 7 For All Mankind heels, and a pair of purple Vans* for freeeeee.
  • In other news, my mother is going vegetarian! I'm so proud of her. I picked up two 99cent each vegetarian/vegan cookbooks at Goodwill for her. ♥
  • My two days off last week were very frugal - no money spent other than what I forked out for two energy drinks (my weakness!) and the gas to run a couple local errands.
  • One of those local errands was to take off our recycling and I opted not to stop and get my puppers a four piece nugget to split. I normally do because they're spoiled, but I gave them some homemade treats instead. It may have only been a dollar, but I still saved it.
  • I used up the last of some slightly wilted lettuce and broccoli in a salad so it didn't go to waste. The rest of the broccoli will have to be cooked in something.
  • When I made tacos this week I ran out of tortillas but still had leftovers, so I just packed it all together for a taco bowl for lunch. For my filling (omni had beef), I used a crumbled up dollar store veggie burger, which at Dollar Tree are only $1 for two.
  • Somehow I received a free magazine subscription and had a few options to choose from. I went with Sports Illustrated.
  • When N and I came back from Tennessee, my mom sent us home with some leftovers from meals we'd eaten out there, so we had lunch for work Friday and snacks for the ride.
  • Found a quarter on the sidewalk!

Frugal Fails:
  • Someone left the freezer door open accidentally and we lost all of the food. I lost two packages of Quorn products, my other veggie burger, three Gardein pizza pockets, and the omni lost a pound of beef, a frozen pizza, and some fish sticks. Luckily it wasn't packed full!
  • I broke down and ordered takeout one day last week at work. It's not a complete fail, though, as I easily got two meals out of a lunch portion size of pasta.
How have you done this week?


Thursday, July 13, 2017

thrifty thursday #15

  • I received a $5 book credit from Google, so I downloaded the Google Books* app and bought The Four Agreements* for only $0.15! While spending money isn't neccessarily frugal, we all know I can't stop adding to my TBR pile, so I might as well do it cheaply.
  • I have enough points to redeem another $10 cash out via Mintvine*!
  • A bit ago some friends and I went to see Dead & Company and since I drove us, N bought my ticket. It was so fun!
  • I've still yet to fork out anymore cash for beauty products, though I was very tempted to get some new lip balm. Luckily I convinced myself that the four tubes I have in my car is sufficient. My stash is holding on nicely.
  • I accepted an offer for an item on eBay so that's a few more dollars in my pocket and another item out of my hair.
  • In the spirit of not wasting food, my boss asked me if I wanted a 32oz jar of marinated mushrooms that the lid had popped on seconds before. It's now in my fridge waiting for soup and stirfry days.
  • I made a "dump soup" in the crockpot last week: some wilted kale, wrinkly roma tomatoes, a scoop or two of a premade lentil soup mix, and some random spices.
  • N and I never finish meals, so we've started splitting dishes when we go out. We got a Chipotle bowl for $4.92 each Saturday. Sometimes you just want sofritas with your best friend.
  • In one grocery visit, I made $9.00 on items via ibotta*, then earned a $2.00 Fourth of July bonus, bringing me up to $11.00 for one visit. I then cashed out $21.15 and received it instantly via PayPal!
  • During that same grocery visit above, I used my reusable cloth bags and didn't have to use a single plastic bag, nor did I put my lettuce and broccoli in a produce bag. Green win!
  • Using Food Lion's coupon center, I printed a coupon for salad dressing I was intending to get, along with a $4 off $65+ that came in handy. Utilize your rewards systems, people!
  • Last Wednesday was a total no-spend day!
  • I received a free month of Marvel Unlimited*. Soooo many comics. Hashtag Marvel Gal.
So on that no-spend note, there's another Thrifty Thursday! :)


Thursday, June 22, 2017

thrifty thursday #14

thrifty thursday frugal tips lucky bandit blog

  • I made $4.15 via ibotta*, $.20 via Mobisave (use code AKHJYJNZ)*, and $2.25 via Checkout 51 all in one grocery trip.
  • Between Riffle and BookBub emails, I downloaded a bunch of free ebooks (like my TBR really needs to get bigger) to keep me occupied.
  • I'm back to packing my lunches again after ordering delivery a couple times. Oops.
  • I scored a big $5.00 bonus on ibotta by redeeming a couple extra offers that I'd be picking up anyway. Score!
  • Using BevRAGE (use code YSNPQFJQ)*, I was paid $.50 for buying a six pack.
  • My favorite secondhand bookstore was having a half off sale when I got to TN for vacation, so I picked up a couple titles to keep me occupied.
  • While on vacation, I was really frugal. While there, I spent very little money and only ate out once at a restaurant I'd been craving.
  • I filled up my Sip bottle* before I left for home so I wouldn't have to stop and buy bottled water.
  • Though I missed a day of work because I was sick, I also didn't spend any money while home in bed Monday.
  • It may seem weird, but I prefer to buy items in glass jars (jams, vegetables) so that I can reuse the jars as food containers. They're a pain to wash, but much better than plastic.
  • My mom gave N (my best friend) and I three big bags of clothing to do what we please with. I've listed a few pieces online and we split the other pieces. N scored a ton of long sleeve tops!
  • I successfully went to the thrift store and did not buy any books. Win! I'm trying to read through and get rid of some of the ones I have already.
  • While N and I did eat out Tuesday, we got super cheap 99cent tacos for Taco Tuesday.
  • My Amazon Prime membership ran out and I didn't renew it. I was only using it for the music anyway, as I rarely order anything online.
  • I bought a single person hammock* (I got mine at Walmart for $25, but this one is cheaper) and I've been price checking straps for it since I don't really want to pay $20 for them. I'll find them cheaper at some point.
There's another week! How have you saved or made money?


Thursday, June 01, 2017

thrifty thursday #13

thrifty thursday frugal tips lucky bandit blog

  • I made a total of $4.55 via ibotta* (you get $10, I get $5!), Checkout 51*, and Mobisave (use code AKHJYJNZ)* from a singular grocery trip. All of the rebates were for things I would normally buy, with the exception of a jar of Frontera salsa which was marked for closeout at $1, which I then made a rebate of $0.80 on, so I paid less than a quarter for it!
  • When renewing the domain name for LB, I received 9% back from Ebates*!
  • N and I swapped some clothing, so I got a pair of Converse in exchange for some hiking socks and a long sleeve moisture wicking shirt I wasn't going to use - eco friendly and frugal! I can use what she won't, and she can use what I won't.
  • I switched over to the Verizon Unlimited Plan as of a month or two ago, so I've been burning up Rain Rain* and I've still yet to go over the threshold of the "22gb and we cut you off". I still pay more than some folks for my phone, but as much as I bitch about Verizon, they've been fairly good to me as a customer.
  • For lunches, I snagged two 90 cent closeout tv dinners at the store. They're not ideal and not even remotely healthy, but I figured they'd do in a pinch when I didn't have time to make something.
lucky bandit blog katelyn carter
  • This one isn't mine, but my mom just jumped on the Aldi train and got all of this for $41! We're both big on bargain shopping, can you tell?
  • I umpire a few days every week at the local little league and sometimes get a free meal if the concession stand is open. I'd do it for free because I love baseball, but it's a nice treat. Plus, who passes up ballpark fries???
  • Speaking of umpiring, I needed a short sleeve moisture wicking shirt that covered my back (I was previously wearing tank tops) because the chest protector rubs my shoulder blade raw, so I stopped by Kohl's because I had a bit of a giftcard left from Christmas. I found a TekGear shirt that was perfect AND marked down to only $4, so I went to checkout. It actually rang up at TWO DOLLARS, so I saved 90% off and still had three dollars and some change left on my giftcard. Win!

  • lucky bandit blog katelyn carter

  • I finally accumulated enough points for a free pizza via Domino's rewards. You only have to place an order with a qualifying pizza six times, but I never want to pay for the delivery so I only order rarely. I'll most likely use this when N and I want to split a pizza at work.
  • Via ibotta, I made another $1.50 at Target and Food Lion. The item at Target was 30% off via Cartwheel, so I paid little to nothing for it, and the quarter at FL was for an "any item" redemption.
  • I redeemed a $5 Amazon giftcard through The Panel App.
  • My stepdad was in town a little bit ago and I needed to deliver a package he ordered to him, so we had dinner at a local Mexican place. He paid (forever grateful!) and we had a great time! It's always nice to catch up with family that lives out of state.
  • I really wanted Noodles & Company for dinner Saturday night and I had a coupon for a FREE Pasta Fresca, so I got two regular size dinners and a side salad for $8 and some change.
  • While at an investigation, a friend didn't want 3/4 of the leftover pizza, so I offered to take it home so it wouldn't go to waste. It was my lunch the next day!

Another week, some more pennies made and saved. How about you?


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

birthday savings 2017

Last month I turned 27. Ugh. However, I'm in quite a few rewards programs and on what feels like hundreds of email lists. Check out some of the great birthday "gifts" I got, including this delicious cupcake that Jess gave me!

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter
  • I used a $10 off a $10 purchase coupon at Kohl's. I actually ended up using this to buy a birthday gift because I didn't need anything.
  • On Sephora's website, I redeemed my free Tarte set, along with using some of my points for a redemption and purchasing a $3 item to have it shipped.
  • When I met up with Jess, we had dinner at Not Your Average Joe's and I redeemed a $15 (!!) off coupon they sent me via email. My delicious pasta dish was less than $2! We split the final bill and ended up only paying $9 and something before tip.
  • Tropical Smoothie Cafe sent me a FREE 24oz smoothie coupon and N and I redeemed it and had it split into two cups so we both had some.
  • Starbucks sent me a free drink, but I didn't go by there before it expired. Booooo.
  • Au Bon Pain sent me a very generous free sandwich or salad coupon.
  • I was sent a free drink coupon from Dunkin' Donuts.
There are loads more awesome birthday perks from stores all over the place, so be sure to seek them out! I personally only redeem offers from places I frequent, and I was so grateful to have such a great birthday.


Thursday, May 04, 2017

thrifty thursday #12

thrifty thursday frugal tips lucky bandit blog
  • I scored 8% back via Ebates* when I ordered my Sephora birthday gift!
  • Via ibotta*, I made $2.50 at Walmart (which I still loathe, but they were the only pharmacy around that carried my cough syrup *eye roll*) and $2.25 at Target. Then I made $1.00 via Checkout 51, and submitted many receipts to ReceiptHog for points.
  • Between ibotta, Checkout 51*, and Target's Cartwheel, I scored a KidFresh meal for only $0.11!
thrifty thursday frugal tips lucky bandit blog
  • I took advantage of this artichoke hearts offer on ibotta. The rebate was for any size, any variety, so I picked up a smaller jar at Food Lion for $1.99. I had a $1.25 off coupon for future purchase I had received from a previous grocery run, so I used that and submitted the rebate for $0.75, making the little jar a moneymaker of a penny!
  • My beauty and personal care stash of products has been dwindling, but the money I'd normally spend on frivilous items has been nicely staying in my wallet.
  • Made a quarter on a tomato via Checkout 51 and a quarter on broccoli via Mobisave (use code AKHJYJNZ)*!
  • We took the boys to Maymont, packed a lunch and brought our own toys, so it only cost $1.50 to feed the goats and gas to get there and back. A frugal, fun trip!
  • I cooked the rest of a bag of black turtle beans I got on markdown. I stuck them in the crockpot with leftover no-chicken broth and threw in a ton of garlic. I've probably got five cups of black beans cooking up, so I'll definitely be adding those to a ton of dishes. They only cost me about $1.50 total!
  • N and I were thirsty while shopping for water shoes for the boys, so I used up some of the two Starbucks giftcards I got for Christmas, earned rewards stars, and kept the cash in our pockets!
  • Not Your Average Joe's sent me a $15 off coupon for my birthday, so when I went up to see Jess, we got dinner and split the bill - we ended up paying $9 each before tip! Considering my dish alone was $16, this was a great deal for the both of us and I'm more than happy to share my coupons!
  •  I'm still packing my lunches and it's saving me at least $15 per delivery meal.
Have you saved or made some pennies lately?


Sunday, April 23, 2017

thrifting tips

lucky bandit blog katelyn carter space koi

I'm a big fan of thrifting. Not only for the savings but for the opportunity to find some great quality items that are sometimes unique. If you've ever wanted to start thrifting or just get a bit more efficient at it, here are some tips that I utilize whenever I go.

Keep a running list and know what you like.

I typically keep a mental list of things I'd like to look for at the thrift shop. I've been hunting for a denim jacket for forever, but I've yet to find one I like, so that stays on the list. It's a lot easier to go in with a plan than to wander around looking at every piece in the store (unless that's what you want to do). I know that I tend to go for oddball patterns, stripes, and sweaters, so I visually scan and find most things that way. I do have days where I just go through the racks, but on quicker visits I've gotten it down to an art.

Learn your fabrics.

If you're looking for clothing, learn to identify fabrics just by sight. When I was sourcing for vintage a lot, I'd learned what polyester and linen looked like just by walking by and seeing them. Granted, there are exceptions as rayon can look really similar to cotton, but with a general knowledge of knits and such, you can easily find things you're looking for.

Have a buddy.

I'm fortunate that my two best friends are thrifters, too! Jess and I meet up for thrifting trips and always find some amazing stuff. It really helps to have someone with you for when you pick up that odd piece and want an opinion on it, or you need someone to talk you out of an absurd wall hanging.

Don't always go by the tag size.

Clothing sizes vary wildly and so do folks' laundry habits, so don't always go by what the tag says. Don't be afraid to try things on or hold them up to your body. Look through all of the size racks and remember, especially if you're looking for vintage, that a size 14 could really mean a modern size 4.

Follow thrift store etiquette.

Don't take things from others' carts, replace items where you got them or on the fitting room return rack, don't bombard the workers that bring new carts of merchandise out, don't eat in the store and then touch merchandise with your greasy hands, and be polite.

If you have any more tips, leave them in the comments! :)


Thursday, April 13, 2017

thrifty thursday #11

thrifty thursday frugal tips lucky bandit blog

  • I started making my own lunches and packed it up in my reusable Thirty One lunchbox that my mom gave me for Christmas one year.
  • When I was out visiting my mom, we snagged fruit from the hotel's breakfast. The banana I had was about to go, so I peeled and chopped it and froze it for smoothies.
  • I've really been shopping the pantry at home lately and I've made up quite a few meals without spending a dime for extra ingredients. We have a bunch of older spices that I've been hitting pretty heavy to get rid of them, too.
  • For lunch at work, I finished the last two slices of a mushroom pizza instead of ordering fried rice even though I really wanted fried rice.
  • Yesterday I made $3.55 via rebate apps Checkout 51*, MobiSave* (*use code AKHJYJNZ), and Berrycart*.
  • My mom signed up for Mobisave, so I got a $1 from the referral!
  • I've got my other half saving his receipts, so I go through his grocery receipts for potential rebates and to scan them into Receipt Hog* for points for PayPal money.
  • While out at Target, Annie's mac and cheese was on sale for $.99 per box, originally $1.79, and I used two $1 off two manufacturer coupons, which brought them down to only $.49 per box!
  • In the same Target trip, I picked up this set* of adorable popsicle molds for only $4.48 on clearance. They'll be a nice treat for the little guy this summer.
  • With SavingStar, I cashed out $5.88 to my PayPal. They feature mainly name brands that I don't buy, but occasionally I'll get a bag of chips or take advantage of the fresh produce offers.
  • Sunday night I made a quick and thrifty pantry sauce to top the rest of my spaghetti squash - lots of minced garlic and spices, some wrinkly cherry tomatoes, the rest of a bag of meatless crumbles, and then I poured some gazpacho I received free with rebates over it. It cooked down nicely and I didn't have to open another jar of tomato sauce!
How have you saved pennies lately?


Thursday, April 06, 2017

thrifty thursday #10

thrifty thursday frugal tips lucky bandit blog
  • I like to reuse packing materials whenever possible for both the cost and recycling factor, so I pilfered a few smaller plain boxes and single sheets of bubble wrap from work and I added a few mailers I received from things in the mail to my packing supply pile.
  • I earned $4.00 at the grocery store last night via ibotta* and didn't even know I had the rebate unlocked. It pays (literally) to go through and unlock them! My grocery store sends the rebates automatically through my rewards card, so I just put my phone number in at the store and boom! No uploading receipts.
  • Fifteen cents was added to my PayPal via Mobisave (use code: AKHJYJNZ) for buying no-chicken broth*! It might not seem like much but fifteen cents is fifteen cents.
  • When I was out visiting my mom we stopped by the Eddie Bauer store where everything was 40% off, and though I didn't find anything, I saved her $10 with my Adventure Rewards certificate.
  • I'm sick again and I bought the Family Dollar brand cold medicine and saved quite a bundle. I checked the ingredients and the off brand actually had higher levels of the medications I needed.
  • At the store last night, I earned another $.75 via ibotta*!
  • Today I shopped the pantry and made goulash with meatless beef crumbles, jarred sauce, and some rice noodles that were in a mac and cheese box that had no cheese packet. Filling and delicious!
  • I've got a spaghetti squash roasting in the oven and I plan to meal prep this week and get a few lunches out of it. Yum!
Any tips? ♥


Thursday, March 09, 2017

thrifty thursday #9

thrifty thursday frugal tips lucky bandit blog

  • Since I'm working on building my reselling business, I decided to invest in a nice rug as a backdrop. I managed to score this rug* at Kohl's. It was on sale for $59.99 and I used a $10 off $50 coupon, then a 15% off coupon, and put the total of $44.79 on a giftcard I got for Christmas!
  • I cashed out another $10.00 via Mintvine*! That was with pretty minimal effort, too.
  • My coworker and I stop by a local restaurant on most Mondays for burger night. We get $2 black bean burgers with the purchase of a drink and it's always a nice little treat, plus there's always enough left for lunch the next day.
  • Speaking of lunches, I finally stocked the work fridge with lunch supplies so I'm not tempted to order $10 minimum delivery. I do miss my breadstick bites, though.
  • I cashed out $24.65 with ibotta* today and was paid instantly via PayPal! I made $5.40 at my local grocery store just by using my rewards card - no receipt uploading required!
  • Via Checkout 51* I made $3.00 during that same local store visit. Yay, free money!
  • I signed up to ship some clothing to, and I'm hoping to get a couple bucks for them.

Checkout 51 Home


Thursday, January 19, 2017

thrifty thursday #8

thrifty thursday frugal tips lucky bandit blog

  • I took advantage of this Raise app offer via KCL and scored a $10 Target giftcard for only $4.60!
  • Speaking of giftcards, I received a few for Christmas that I'm definitely going to use the crap out of!
  • While in Tennessee my mom and I stopped by her local grocery store and I scored twenty pounds of potatoes for less than five bucks! I've been telling everyone about this awesome deal! They were $4.99 and bogo free so I brought two bags home.
  • Goodwill was good to me this week - I picked up a wide, three drawer Sterilite set for only $4.99, and they normally retail for $15+! I'm going to organize my eBay stock with it.
  • I picked up three bags of black turtle beans for almost nothing, so I'm gonna be eating lots of soup. Maybe with my loads of potatoes?
  • I had an order through Legging Army* and earned a few dollars of commission. These leggings are seriously the best!
How have you saved (or made) a dollar lately?


Thursday, December 22, 2016

thrifty thursday #7

thrifty thursday frugal tips lucky bandit blog
  • I cashed out my consignment shop earnings and made $8.60, which I then turned around and applied to three sweaters I'd found, making my total out of pocket only $8.95! Now I have three more sweaters to wear with leggings and more clothes out of the house and to new homes.
  • I've got over $14 in my Mintvine account, and I can cash it out once the points are approved. Yay! I JUST cashed out $10 of it, and received it within a week!
  • When I went Thanksgiving dinner shopping I added $4 to my ibotta earnings, $.10 to my Paypal account via Mobisave (use code AKHJYNZ), and $2.00 added to my Checkout 51 account balance.
  • I ordered two books that had been on my TBR list on Paperback Swap for only $0.49!
  • I snagged a 4 foot faux Christmas tree at the local thrift shop for $3. I didn't want to put up our prelit trees this year with the litter of kittens in the house.
  • PrideBites is sending out FREE dog toys - just pay $3 for shipping!
  • When I went to visit my mom, I used some coupons at the outlets and saved a bundle on Christmas gifts!
How have you saved money lately?


Thursday, November 10, 2016

thrifty thursday #6

thrifty thursday frugal tips lucky bandit blog
  • I've been skipping my energy drinks every so often, so I've been saving quite a tidy little sum by drinking my 20¢/cup World Market coffee instead.
  • I cashed out another $10.01 via Mintvine - it's a quick and easy little income. Try it!
  • I received a $5 Amazon giftcard from the Panel App - I cashed in my points there, too.
  • Last week I ordered some shipping supplies from Amazon and since I didn't need them right away I opted for longer shipping and received a $5.99 Prime Pantry credit to use later. Score! Six bucks AND my package arrived three days earlier than scheduled. Thanks, Amazon!
  • I made $4.50 in two days with ibotta - I bought four items and got $2 for meeting the terms for a monthly special! And a bonus: If you use my link to sign up and redeem an offer within two weeks, you'll get $10 and I'll get $5!
  • I discovered a new grocery rewards app, Mobisave. They send you the money via PayPal as soon as your receipt is approved! I made $1.60 Friday and $.30 the next week! Use code AKHJYJNZ when you sign up! :)
  • Between my grocery rewards apps, I only paid $1.49 for Go Veggie Cheese. Normally it's $3.49!
  • I sold a couple more things on eBay, so that's a few more dollars in my pocket and more stuff out of our house.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

thrifty thursday #5

thrifty thursday frugal tips lucky bandit blog
  • I picked up a clearance pack of five thin pizza crusts from World Market and made pizzas through my weekend - only $1.75 each including toppings!
  • Friday I made $.25 with ibotta when I bought zucchini, $.50 on pasta sauce, and another quarter on shampoo. (If you join with my link, you'll get $10 and I'll get $5!)
  • My Sheetz card has earned me a free cookie and a free 6" sub...I'll save it for when I don't feel like cooking.
  • I cashed out another $12.24 from Mintvine. Check it out!
  • My eBay earnings in the past month have been pretty good - I sold another three items last week.
  • I stopped at a local farmer's booth to see if he had tomatoes - he didn't, but I picked up four green bell peppers and a pound and a half (five) of yellow squash for a grand total of $2. He was so nice, the vegetables are locally grown, and a great deal!
  • Tonight I really wanted Taco Bell on my way home, but instead I came home and cooked said $1 squash. I still have three more squash left so I'll have another meal.
  • Free coffee? Sure! I didn't quite bring enough coffee one day, so I stopped by Sheetz with my mug and since all of the coffee machines were blinking, I got a free cup! I never expect it and tell them out of courtesy, but today they insisted I take the free cup.
Do you have any money saving tips? :)

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Thursday, September 01, 2016

thrifty thursday #4

thrifty thursday frugal tips lucky bandit blog

  • I skipped getting my morning energy drink a couple days this week. As a caffeine fiend this was hard, but I saved a few dollars.
  • Somehow a two liter of lemonade showed up in our house and it was incredibly processed so it was super sweet. I'm the only who would drink it and didn't want to waste it, so I filled up a travel cup halfway with lemonade, then cut it with water. So I stretched the lemonade AND made it more tolerable!
  • My mom gave me her old Keurig, so I try to find deals on k-cups. I snagged this box of 18 at World Market for 55% off of $9.99 with an additional promo that brought them down to $3.60 - only twenty cents per cup!
coffee k cups saving money lucky bandit blog katelyn carter
  • I didn't have to buy any new books or school supplies for the fall semester. Win!
  • I've been hemming and hawing on a dress I bought from Target on clearance a while ago. I decided it wasn't something I'd get a lot of wear out of, so since the tags are still on, I'm going to return it for a store credit.
  • My little pile of "books to take to the secondhand store" is growing, so hopefully I'll be able to take them down soon and get some store credit. I've not had luck on eBay, so I'm going to try my luck there.
How have you saved money lately?


Thursday, August 04, 2016

thrifty thursday #3

thrifty thursday frugal tips lucky bandit blog

  • We went to another movie night at my best friend's husband's business - this time they played Home and it was so adorable. A free date night!
  • I checked out more movies from the library and put a couple books on hold. I'm really knocking out some of my reading list, and for free!
  • Tuesday morning I cashed out my ibotta earnings and received $21.75 in my PayPal account! If you sign up through my link, you'll get $10 and I'll get $5!
  • I also cashed out my Mintvine earnings for $10.34 on Monday, which is 1,034 points, and I'm already back to 278! It's so easy to earn money with them - I only joined a little over a month ago, and only use it sporadically.
  • AND I just cashed out on Swagbucks for a $15 Amazon giftcard! July has been a good rewards month.
  • The consignment shop by my work is accepting fall clothes starting Monday - I'm really hoping to get some more clothes out of here!
  • I stopped by the book store where I have store credit (Christmas gift) and picked up a few books. I don't need any more books, but as I slowly make my way through my stash I hope to sell some back to Amazon and the local store.
How have you saved money lately?


Thursday, July 07, 2016

thrifty thursday #2

thrifty thursday frugal tips lucky bandit blog
  • In a thrift store trip, I snagged a clear Sterilite cd bin for $.99. It needed a good scrubbing, but they're normally way more than a dollar so I grabbed it. Since all my cds are in a case, I'll use this for something else. I also came out with a jar with a screw-on lid that'll be perfect for fresh garlic for $.99.
  • Our pot belly pig likes to push the throw pillows across the room, so I bought him some just for him to play with. How much? Three dollars a piece at the thrift store. I kept something out of the landfill and got a good deal on pig toys! ;)
  • Before we left for the beach, I stocked up on two bottles of wine and got back $1.00 each on them automatically via ibotta, making them the same price or cheaper than the normal brand I buy. Then in two days a week later, I made $5.50 buying things I'd already be buying. Win!
  • I made a frugal alfredo dinner Monday night at $1.96 per serving - we already had some of the ingredients, and we both got lunches out of it! AND the sauce was made from scratch, so no nasty preservatives or extra sodium! Way better than restaurant alfredo, I thought.
  • Friday I cashed out my consignment shop account for the last two months and walked out with $11.25. It's not much, but I just drop off my clean clothes, they do the leg work, and I don't have to worry with eBay! And the ladies are always great to talk to whenever I go in.
  • Wednesday I was treated to lunch by my dad (thanks, pops!) and then stopped by the library and picked up a couple DVDs and Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton.
How have you saved money lately?


Thursday, June 09, 2016

thrifty thursday #1

thrifty thursday frugal tips lucky bandit blog

Thrifty Thursday is going to start being a post about ways I've saved money throughout the week. I love reading money saving tips. My mother and I talk about them all the time, so I thought this might be a neat way to document some of the ways I've saved a buck. Here's how I saved:
  • I've been continuing to fill up my thirteen year old Nalgene bottle instead of buying bottled water. My school put in bottle fillers last year, so that helps because my one class on campus is three hours and fifteen minutes long.
  • Instead of tossing the cottonballs that got dropped on the bathroom floor, I put them in my nail polish bin to be used to remove polish instead of using them for toner for my face.
  • I made $0.50 automatically via ibotta when I bought kale and broccoli from Food Lion. No receipt upload needed when you enter your MVP card into the app, so I saved a few seconds, too.
  • Instead of buying new school supplies for the summer semester, I'm going to finish using the many half used notebooks I have around the house. And pens. You wouldn't believe how many pens I've accumulated. (Update: I found a brand new notebook in my storage box that was purchased for a quarter on clearance!)
  • This month I made $8.75 at the consignment shop within walking distance of the parking lot for work, but I opted to wait to collect until next month to try to accumulate a little more cash.
  • The movie we wanted to see isn't at the theatre that we have tickets for (a birthday gift from my mom), so we're going to wait instead of using them on something we might only slightly want to see.
  • My best friend's husband's business puts on a movie night during the summer every other Saturday night. They set up a projector and screen and play family friendly movies outside. So we spent our Saturday night supporting them and seeing a free movie!
  • I received a mobile BOGO coupon for Chipotle, so we had a nice take out meal at home consisting of two bowls, chips, and salsa all for $9.73. If you scroll to the bottom of their site, you can sign up!
So there's a few ways I saved a bit of cash. It's not much and I'm sure incredibly boring to some, but now I can keep track of how well I'm doing!

Are you a frugal blogger? Leave your links below! ♥