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Thursday, March 19, 2015

the life of a dog mama (and 7 weird things)

the life of a dog mama katelyn carter lucky bandit blog

I am a Dog Mama.

Sure, I could be labeled as a Dog Owner, but it's more than that. 

I don't claim that my dogs are the equivalent of human children. Of course they're not - they can't open doors and fall down the steps, open the dish detergent and spread it in the kitchen floor, or pinch me with their little grubby fingers. I don't have to save for college, I just have to clean up their slobber when they get excited. Oh wait, so do human parents...

Jokes aside.

Having dogs could not make me happier. I come home, they're happy to see me. I can look like a lunatic in clothes that are fifteen sizes too big and eat cookie dough on the couch and they're happy to see me. I could be sick as all get out and they still cuddle. You get it.

I'm the mama to two amazing dogs. Jeffery, a former stray sharpei, and Kaine, a rescued American bulldog. I personally rescued Jeffery off the side of the road, horribly skittish and formerly abused (his story is a doozy for another time), and Robbie had rescued Kaine before I met him. We really lucked out with these guys. They're great - they're impeccably housetrained (they came to us that way), they only chew their own toys, and they listen really well. I'm not one to boast, but come on, they're really good dogs.

lucky bandit katelyn carter dogs

They have a bit of a lazy side, too.

So how do I know I've crossed from Dog Owner to Dog Parent? Here are a few bizarre things I do relating to the dogs:

1. Shopping trips aren't just for groceries and toilet paper anymore.
I go down the pet aisle whether I need something or not. I'm sure there's a toy on sale that they'd love, or some new organic treats they might find tasty. Is a pet store near my planned shopping destination? Of course I'm going to pop in "just to take a look". And probably walk out having spent $30 on toys they'll destroy in five minutes but it makes them happy so I had to buy them just so they had the fun of destroying them.

2. They're included on my souvenir list.
I don't know how many times I've said  - "We need to find something for the boys - I told them I'd bring them something". This could be when we visit my mom and stepdad in Tennessee or if we just take a day trip to Richmond.

3. I tell them where I'm going when I leave the house - so they don't worry.
I've been told I am utterly ridiculous for this one. I always tell the boys where I'm going ("Off to work, guys!"), how long I'll be ("It'll probably be a late night, guys."), and that I love them. Every time I leave the house. I know they can't actually perceive that I will be gone all day and that they still miss me, but I like to think that maybe they do understand and it gives them peace of mind.

4. Dog hair doesn't matter anymore.
Do I own a lint roller? Yes. How is there any hair left on the boys when it's all over my clothes? I don't know. I used to care. I used to lint roll before I left the house. And before I catch any crap - we sweep. We vacuum. Frequently. We have hardwood floors - there's no carpet for the hair to stick to, so it floats and whisps and swoops around. My method of minimizing the hair is to take the clothes from the dryer, put them directly away, and get dressed immediately before leaving the house. It's the best way I've found other than spending trillions of dollars on lint rollers.

5. I ask them how their day was.
When I get home from work I've usually been gone at least eleven hours. I always ask them "What did you do today, boo?" and though they don't answer, it's become quite the habit. I like to assume they're recounting their days - nap, chewed on bone, nap, laid in that sun spot, drank some water, nap, tore apart a toy, nap.

6. They get every pizza crust.
I know, they're not supposed to have people food. We feed them very high quality grain free food, so when we have pizza I give them my crusts. They've learned what a pizza box looks like. I do like to have them try vegetables we cook, too - obviously not anything that could harm them (I have the toxic food list memorized), but I'll have them try things like zucchini. Jeffery loves tomatoes, cooked/raw/sauce, he's not picky. We found that one out after he stole a garden tomato off the back porch thinking it was a toy.

7. I have a fierce, fierce loyalty to them.
Don't talk about my dogs. Don't yell at my dogs. Don't joke about my dogs. I protect them with the fierceness of a mama alligator (I even googled "most protective mothers in the animal kingdom" so I could be accurate). I am aware that Jeffery has a face that only a mother could love. Do not tell me this, I think he's the cutest dog I've ever seen and I will be irate that you said it. You know those stories of mothers doing insane things to save their children? One car is nothing - I'd throw that thing a mile to save these pups.

Guys, I know I'm weird when it comes to my dogs. I don't have human children, so they're my children. They love me unconditionally, why wouldn't I treat them like kings?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

humane society of caroline county fun dog show 2014

Last Saturday Jeffery and I went to the Caroline County Agricultural Fair and participated in the Humane Society of Caroline County's Fun Dog Show.

We had initially intended to only participate in the costume contest, but some of the other contests seemed pretty fun and we had a nice group of participants that encouraged us to try. I'm glad we did!

(All photos courtesy of the Humane Society of Caroline County.)

katelyn carter dog show caroline county

Jeffery was dressed as Carl from Disney's Up - I made his costume myself. His little sweater (all the clothing was thrifted - I actually cut the sleeves off of a Calvin Klein boy's shirt for this, haha) came undone so you can't see his candlestick cane with mini tennis balls, but he was so adorable. A huge thanks to Megan and Neeti at Legends - we lost two balloons, but the third stayed up just enough for him to show!

katelyn carter dog show caroline county

He actually ended up taking home the blue ribbon for the costume contest! I was so proud! Other than trying to play with a few of the other dogs (which were so sweet), Jeffery had such good behavior.

katelyn carter dog show caroline county

katelyn carter dog show caroline county

We actually ended up taking home two more blue ribbons - the musical hoops, which was a version of musical chairs, and the tennis-ball-in-spoon relay. We got second in the biscuit stacking contest. It was so fun!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

we had a busy day yesterday!

Yesterday Jeffery and I went to the 12th annual Richmond SPCA Dog Jog and 5k Race. It was a lot of fun! We got there early, which in the future I will not do. Don't get me wrong, I love my dog, but it's exhausting tugging an excited dog around that really just wants to sniff every other dog's butt.

I haven't told Jeffery's story here on the blog yet (that's to come!), but from what he was when I found him as a dumped stray, he's come an amazingly long way. Of course he was excited with the dozens of other dogs there. He did really great with people petting him and dogs checking him out. He really loves big dogs - after all, his brother, Kaine, is an American bulldog. He had no qualms of running up to huge dogs and gettin' all in their business. 

sharpei dog jog katelyn carter

We picked up our registration packet then headed back outside to look around at the vendors a bit. We met lots of adorable puppies - a gorgeous Irish Wolfhound, tongue-lolling labs, a really pretty Akita puppy, and a few Great Pyrenees. As far as I could tell, Jeffery was the only sharpei there, unfortunately. He's really the only sharpei I've ever seen in person, and I'd love to meet some more!

Around 11am the Dog Jog was due to start, so we lined up and waited for the signal.

sharpei dog jog katelyn carter

Once we started, Jeffery did great. We walked beside an absolutely beautiful Italian Mastiff for a bit, then Jeffery was back on his mission to be at the head of the pack. Since the Dog Jog was only a mile, we finished pretty quickly and headed back to the car to start the hour drive home (though that will be cut in half once we move!).

sharpei katelyn carter

Someone was a really tired puppy. He slept and panted most of the way home. But the fun wasn't over yet! We stopped by my grandparents house so they could see him. When he was initially "caught", I lured him into their fenced in front yard with bologna. They saw a lot of him, and my grandma was the first person after me to touch him. They love him like their own. Of course my grandpa fed him a can of food while we were there because he'll never be fat enough for them, even though he's fed more than enough at home!

When we went to leave I noticed my brother next door so we walked down to see him. Jeffery met someone new - the horses!

sharpei horse katelyn carter

He was really curious. The horses, not so much. 

sharpei horse katelyn carter

After a few minutes and my brother remarking how clean Jeffery is now compared to when he first came to me as a stray, we packed up in the car and headed for home. This little puppy was tired. He came home, ate his bully stick, and took a nap.

sharpei katelyn carter