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Thursday, December 20, 2018

the art of stuffing stockings

I don't claim to be a Stocking Stuffer Queen. That's my mother, without a doubt. She is absolutely amazing at putting together holiday stockings. She's an amazing gift giver in general, but we always look forward to all the little bits and bobs we get in our stockings.

Stockings are great for those little things you see that remind you of a person. A strange candy here, a tchotke there. The best tip I can give for putting together a great stocking for someone is to have fun with it. It doesn't have to be perfect and it doesn't have to be expensive.

That said, here are some more tips for stuffing the perfect stocking.

Don't rule out necessities.
Know someone who swears by a certain scent or product? Try a rollerball or travel size. Lip balm, cuticle cream, razor heads (those things are expensive!), socks, and car air fresheners are always a good go-to. If someone loves a certain type of pen, go for it! If you know they go through 15 mini bottles of hand sanitizer a month, grab a few! Are they always picking up a Diet Coke or energy drink? Add one in there!

Hobby items are great.
A skein of yarn, hooks and needles, or embroidery flosses in fun colors work for needlecrafters, new pencils or charcoal for the folks who color or draw, fun post-its for the list makers, or even energy chews for the runner in the family would all work. There's almost always a small item that will fit in a stocking that pertains to almost any hobby.

Giftcards are nice.
I don't mean a $50 Target giftcard. Snag them a $5 coffee shop card for a drink on you. Maybe a $10 Barnes & Noble card for a new book? A few dollars for a pastry or a new song on iTunes? Think small and convenient!

Odds and ends can be a hit.
Guys, this one might seem weird, but I love getting samples and coupons in my stocking. Sometimes I'll get a Victoria's Secret coupon for $10 off or a sample of a makeup product. Those things appeal to me and I like getting them! Got a high value coupon to a store you know your sister loves? Slip that in her stocking.

The chefs of the family can score big.
There are some pretty awesome spice blends out there. Have you come across an awesome infused olive oil or even made your own? Tie a ribbon around a bottle. Flavored salts and small bags of dry soup mixes are great, too. A lot of companies offer small trial sizes of their products; I like to source local sauces and marinades.

Don't forget the food!
We all know the person who always picks up a certain food item, and most are available in holiday packaging. Even Pop Rocks come candy cane flavored. I love banana flavored things, for example, and Jess is the Peppermint Queen.

Take a risk!
I once gave my brother bacon salt (fun fact: it's vegetarian!). Roll up a pair of leggings, grab some airplane bottles at the liquor store, even draw a caricature. The choices are endless.

Happy stocking stuffing!