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Friday, September 16, 2022

frugal friday

  • In my complex folks sometimes leave things on the concrete pads outside the dumpsters for others to take if they want. I've found an enormous vanity mirror I turned into a wall mirror, a glass and metal end table that just needed the screws tightened to be functional, and as shown above, this planter. It had a dying plant in it, but I didn't want to risk potential pests so I just threw the plant away and took the pot to clean up.
  • Since I had everything I needed, I gave myself a pedicure instead of paying for one. (This base coat is great, by the way, and the mini for $4 lasts forever!)
  • When I started my new job I knew I'd need a new pair of non slip shoes because my Danskos are a little threadbare. I found a pair on Amazon that was $19 after a 50% off coupon.
  • I contacted Xfinity about my internet speeds and somehow they offered me way higher speeds at $39.99 versus what I was paying at $105. I don't understand it, but I'll take it.
  • I redeemed a $10 reward from Evidation (an app that pays me for health & fitness)
  • I continued to check out ebooks from a local library for free, as well as an Amazon First Reads
  • My Verizon anniversary came around and they sent me a $10 Amazon giftcard
Things I've decluttered - which will really expand here soon as I am moving, after all:
  • Several food magazines - I skimmed them and tore out recipes I'm interested in and put them in a binder
  • Some beauty samples I just won't use
  • Several polymailers and items - sold on Poshmark
  • A bunch of paper clutter, separated between my little shred bin and recycling
  • The tube from a previous vacuum cleaner, tossed
  • My bulky entertainment center - I liked it, but it just held a lot of clutter behind closed doors
  • An unused string of Halloween lights, sold on FB Marketplace
I hate food waste, so here's how I've tried to combat it:
  • I froze some grape tomatoes that were about to go bad, I'll blanch them and use them to make tomato puree sometime
  • Still regrowing my green onions repeatedly
  • My new job provides lunch if you work a double shift, so I've enjoyed some decent meals
  • I made a huge pot of zucchini lentil soup and finished all but a small container of it which I intended to freeze but mistakenly waited too long

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