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Saturday, June 04, 2022

my best recycling purchase to date

I don't have curbside recycling or complex recycling (which is a shame), so I take my recycling to an offsite facility at a local dump. This one purchase has changed that whole process for the better!
This little flexible laundry basket from Walmart has been great. I paid less than $8 for it when I finally set foot in a Walmart after a couple years. It's about three feet tall and works perfectly for recycling. I rinse or wash out most of what I recycle so residual food items don't smell as I don't get to the recycling center often, so I wanted something with ventilation so they could dry (plus that helps with how heavy it can get!).

I was previously using just paper bags from Kroger. Since, I've buckled down and use all reusable bags so paper bags became kind of wasteful, plus they were prone to ripping. I also knew I'd need to go vertical to save space, so I didn't look at the traditional green bins that take up a lot of floor.

While it might seem like such a random thing, this has been a game changer over here. 😂


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