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Friday, June 10, 2022

frugal friday

The free dog treats redeemed via GoPuff last post.
  • A bit ago my best friend redeemed her T-Mobile offer for a free year for me and I've been enjoying baseball ever since. She doesn't watch it but claimed it on my behalf and I am 1000% thankful to her.
  • I've continued to collect free eBooks from the daily email via BookBub, along with utilizing the library.
  • I cancelled two trial plans before they charged me, resulting in savings (and free leggings!).
  • I returned a pair of pants to Amazon that didn't fit me right. $26 something back in my Amazon credits.
  • An app I use was offering a $5 Amazon giftcard in exchange for taking a survey. You bet I took it!
  • I took another survey that got me a $5 Starbucks giftcard. 
  • I needed more hair ties and picked up some super thin ones. I hate them, but I'm going to use them.
Things I've decluttered in anticipation for my move:
  • Two pillowcases and a paper bag of clothing for donation (matching pillowcases so they can then sell those, too) I try to always donate in a reusable bag or something that can be donated, too
  • Several Poshmark orders
  • A pair of thin soled, scuffed black flats that just didn't look great anymore, trashed
  • A pillow the pups used and made super smelly
  • I sold a large plant that didn't bring me joy anymore - $15
I don't like food waste, so here's how I've tried to combat it: 
  • I baked and finished up two partial bags of vegan chicken nuggets and a bunch of cucumbers and mini peppers and ate them with Primal Kitchen's Vegan Ranch. I got a bottle on a whim from GoPuff for $3.37 because it was so discounted, but ended up liking it so much I bought two more bottles at the same price. At Kroger it's $4.99 a bottle.
  • I made orzo salad for snacks (I work 630a to 6p on long days).
Until next check in! 


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