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Friday, May 13, 2022

frugal friday

The scallions mentioned last post.

  • For my birthday month in April I redeemed a coupon for a free small pizza at Marco's, a free buffet at Cici's Pizza, a free Mario Badescu facial spray from Ulta (and 36¢ back via ibotta*), and a free Laura Mercier set from Sephora (and 16¢ back via ibotta*). I also received a coupon for 5% off my purchase at Target and 15% off at World Market that I used for Easter gifts.
  • I have a few auto requests over on PaperBackSwap* and I had Kris Jenner...And All Things Kardashian sent to me for free. I'm a total sucker for reality tv.
  • I cannot resist delivery apps because I hate leaving my apartment pretty much anytime ever. That said, I redeemed some points for free dog treats via GoPuff.
  • My laptop is 10+ years old and still doing alright, but it's become frustratingly slow. I ordered a refurbished laptop from Amazon for $74, then when I clicked on the link to check the size to buy a sleeve, it was then listed at $67 mere hours later. I contacted Amazon and they told me they don't price adjust, but I mentioned how they're one of the only companies that don't and they gave me a $10 credit.
  • Jeffery (my blind, epileptic sharpei) has had a frayed collar for a while now, but MY GOD dog collars have gotten expensive. I use a harness to walk him so it was for ID purposes only, so I'd been holding off on ordering one. I found a cute one in the Walmart clearance aisle for only $2 that's perfect for him. 
  • I got a discounted BJ's Wholesale membership for $25 (original price $55) from a mailer and made my first visit today. I was pleasantly surprised by the prices and coupons. I got a twenty piece glass food storage set for $1.99 per each bowl/lid set, 36 Mission Tortillas for 8¢ each (half the price of Kroger), two pounds of campari tomatoes for $3.89 (Kroger offers one pound for $3.99), an enormous container of Gain detergent for $15.99 with coupon (the container I got is 146 loads compared to the Gain I almost bought at Target today for the SAME PRICE that is 107 loads), six trays of cheese Bagel Bites for $9.99 (a single tray at Kroger is $2.99 and you can't get plain cheese), a 30oz container of Country Crock Plant Butter for $5.49 (a 10oz at Kroger is $3.29), a box of 16 Morning Star Chik Patties for $12.79 making them 79¢ a piece, a package of baby cucumbers that were twice the size of Kroger's and 50¢ cheaper. I only compare to Kroger because I primarily shop there, but I do really love Kroger's pricing!
  • Speaking of Gain detergent, it has the push button gravity fed pour. A little tip - throw the clear cup in the wash with your clothes to avoid a goopy dispenser cup and actually get all of the detergent you pour into the wash and put a cloth rag under the spout instead of one of those plastic catchers. Just throw the rag in the wash to not waste any detergent. You also always know when you've put detergent in the load or not because the cup is either in the basin or by the bottle.
Things I've decluttered in anticipation for my move:
  • A bunch of skin and body care products that I've used up. My stockpile is slowly dwindling.
  • Recycled several glass jars I've kept around for whatever reason
  • Sold a few items on Poshmark - hopefully more sell soon!
  • I brought a bunch of hand sanitizers of varying sizes to work to use up since I'm obviously not just sitting at home on the couch applying hand sanitizer
  • Along with the hand sanitizer, I brought a bunch of random office supplies I won't use at home to the office - post-its, pens, blue light glasses, a binder, a notebook, some steno pads. 
  • I broke an older knife while cutting frozen cookie dough. Whoops.
I dislike food waste, so here's how I tried to combat it:
  • I meal prep every week and try to use up as much as I can. I didn't save a package of mushrooms, but I used up a bunch of carrots.
  • Most of the time I go home for lunch (love my 4 minute commute) and here are my money saving lunches for the week:
    • Monday: black bean taco bowl (rice, black beans, vegan cheese, v sour cream, chopped romaine, halved cherry tomatoes)
    • Tuesday: leftover pasta, a salad
    • Wednesday: small bowl of goulash (vegan buttered pasta, pasta sauce), sandwich (vegan Tofurky peppered deli slices, vegan mayo, sliced campari tomatoes), previously frozen chili with tortilla chips
    • Thursday: I did order delivery for lunch this day
    • Friday: a sandwich

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