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Friday, April 22, 2022

frugal friday

I still like keeping track of the ways I make and save money. Here's this week's!
  • While at the nursery I picked up a four-pack of basil for $1.79. I'm looking forward to making caprese with Miyoko's mozzarella. The basil is already growing like crazy!
  • Kroger continues to send me coupons every month for a free bag of Tostitos, along with other things I regularly purchase. Their algorithm to send out custom coupons is very well done.
  • VDOT sent me a $2 bill and an invitation to a survey. It didn't take long and I was sent a $15 check in just a couple weeks.
  • I had orientation and then a benefits meeting for my new job and they provided lunch both days, then I had a 6am meeting where they provided breakfast. They even, gratefully, accommodated me with a vegetarian sandwich.
  • I bought two boxes of Simulate Vegan Spicy Nuggets for $10.98 ($5.49ea) and got $5 back from ibotta*, $5 from Kroger Cash Back, and then $5.49 from Simulate themselves, making them a moneymaker of $4.51!
  • I cashed out $22.73 via ibotta* and have 36¢ pending for Ulta when I placed an order for my birthday gift. I didn't realize just how many cash back opportunities are available on ibotta until recently!
  • My acrylic nails had grown out so I gave them up and decided to grown out my own nails. I didn't think it was possible until I picked up ella+mila's nail strengthener*! I've never had luck like this before.
Things I've decluttered: 
  • I sold a corner table that I wasn't using and freed up that space.
  • Several orders on Poshmark, Mercari, and even Facebook - clothing that's sat a while and I'm happy to see go!
  • I'm moving in December when my lease is up and I'm using up everything I can so I don't have to move it. I used up the last of my mustard on a veggie corndog. I don't use mustard often at all, so I just grabbed a couple extra packs at McDonald's to hold me over until I replenish when I'm settled in my new place.
How I've saved on food waste:
  • I've used up a ton of things that have been sitting in my freezer and pantry. Mainly things like oats and breadcrumbs, but I don't want them to go off and be wasted.
  • Recently I've been doing well with not buying takeout or fast food. I've been either going home for lunch or bringing it to work and have saved so much food from being wasted!
  • Kroger was sold out of 50¢ green onions when I needed them for my Easter quinoa tabbouleh (traditional, right? I had to explain it to so many family members), so I bought the organic 79¢ green onions. They're already regrowing on the window sill to recoup those cents and more. 

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