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Friday, March 25, 2022

frugal friday

Here's just a few ways I've recently saved or made money or decluttered. I like having a little record of good habits.
  • I love Mezeh Mediterranean Grill, so I tried my hand at fridge pickling some turnips. I forgot to grab a beet for the coloring, but these turned out great for homemade Mediterranean bowls.
  • When I cleaned out my mother's spice cabinet I made a list of all outdated spices I threw out for her to replace at her leisure, and I kept the empty spice bottles so I could start seeds in them in the spring. Then I can easily gift the little plants to people who want them (I always plant too many) and they can just toss the bottles in the recycling when the plants outgrow them.
  • I've been packing my lunch the majority of the time.
  • The Impossible Whopper is now only $2 on Wednesdays at Burger King! I like this vegan option sometimes for lunch, so the savings helps.
  • I've decluttered a bunch of things: a purse that the handle had frayed on, an extra shelf that I wouldn't use in a bookshelf, I used up older skin and body care products, I had some random baseball stickers just collecting dust so I'm sending them to a friend for his daughters, and I sold several things on Poshmark and FB Marketplace.
I hope to declutter and save a lot more!


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