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Friday, November 26, 2021

frugal friday

Although I've stopped posting on my frugal blog, I do enjoy keeping a list of how I've made or saved money in a month. Here's how I did this month!
  • My best friend's mom brought me a jar of her homemade grape jelly ♥
  • I redeemed $25.08 on Dosh*.
  • On regular grocery purchases, I received $1.75 to my Ibotta* balance.
  • My mom stayed with me for a few days (saving her a hotel expense!) and brought me the leftovers from her dinner and several jars of canned homegrown vegetables and sauce along with a few frozen bags of chili and soup!
  • I got a quote from the company that holds my renter's policy and was able to save $31 a month on my car insurance. They even upped my coverage a bit. I took advantage of their Bluetooth driving tracking for an additional 10% off.
  • My best friend and I swapped a body wash she didn't like for lotion I likely won't use. A win for both of us.
  • I've been doing a really good job eating through my pantry and freezer and saving a bunch on groceries. I primarily only stock up on produce now and I've used up some things that have just been languishing in there.
  • I paused my MightyFix subscription for a few months, canceled a subscription for a filter for my BiOrb that I don't need, and canceled my Ipsy subscription after I scored a free box from a friend.
  • I redeemed my Amazon First Reads book and several free books from BookBub.
decluttered: four large bags of clothing to the thrift store, extra planters sold on Facebook, some food from my pantry I won't ever eat to a friend, clothing and home good orders shipped out, any socks without matches trashed


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