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Monday, June 24, 2019

weekend baseball & plant shopping

Friday night after work I headed down to North Caroline to watch some baseball and see Kyle. I got there in the top of the ninth, but I got there!
It was a beautiful night for baseball and they finished up with enough time for us to go out and get a late dinner. The next day's game was an evening game, so we went out exploring for a bit before. I always look up greenhouses where Kyle will be, so he appeased me and we stopped by Fairview Garden Center. I oohed and ahhed over all of the plants. Ultimately I didn't find any wishlist plants, but it was a gorgeous greenhouse. The plants looked so happy!
Kyle really liked the more colorful outdoor plants. He liked the yellow shrimp plant (Pachystachys lutea) a lot and I think they'd look great along a fence line!
We had a great lunch and stopped at Lowe's since it was close to where we ate. I was wandering through the plant section and telling Kyle about all the plants (he doesn't share my love of plants so he just kind of said "okay...") and then I spotted this Cebu Blue and gasped loudly. He said the woman behind me jerked around as if I was having an aneurysm. After a little begging and stating that I HADN'T SEEN THESE ANYWHERE AT HOME, he bought it for me. ♥
We headed off to the ballpark and since I get there with him, I'm usually there an hour and a half before first pitch. My routine is to check out the concession options and find the bathroom in unfamiliar parks, then sit and do crosswords until game time.
I was able to sit with a lovely family who are also part of the baseball/umpiring world and I had a great time talking umpiring and baseball with them. Kyle did a great job working the game and the stadium there is really nice. I can't talk at length due to job constraints, but it was a great weekend! His being closer this season has helped a lot with visits and I get to see a lot more baseball, which is always a plus.

How was your weekend?


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