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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

review // tile pro tracker device

As my keychain suggests, I lose my keys a lot. This past weekend I lost them for three hours. Ridiculous, right? The next day Kyle took me to Target and purchased me a Tile tracker device and  passed on a stern "be more organized". But anyway, this little square is awesome. I attached it directly to my lump of keys.

All you have to do is download the Tile app, make sure Bluetooth is on, easily activate the device, and you're set! You fill out some information in the settings and can even activate it to ring your phone even if it's on silent. My phone hasn't left silent mode for years, so this is a godsend. I have the Pro version which can locate items up to 300 feet away. If I need my keys I just log in to the app, click the find button, and the Tile rings a little tune. If I need my phone, I just double click the center button on the Tile and my phone rings a little tune. It's amazing! The Tile lasts for a year on it's current battery and they are replaceable.

Tiles pretty much attach to anything. You can use a variety of ways to attach them: keyring, adhesive, pockets, or money clip!

I'd highly recommend a Tile if you find yourself constantly looking for something. I mean, we have a key hook right by the front door and I can never manage to put my keys on it. I used my Tile just this morning to find my keys and they were right there on the coffee table.

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