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Thursday, March 08, 2018

thrifty thursday #26

  • I picked up essentials at Walmart twice, Walgreens, Target, and Wawa and got back a quarter rebate at each visit for the "any item" rebate via ibotta*.
  • I picked up some groceries and, with a $2 bonus, earned $5.75 via ibotta and a dollar via Saving Star at Food Lion. Dollar General had two 'any item' rebate offers, which I redeemed, and I then had enough to cash out. They instantly deposited $20 into my PayPal account.
  • We went to see Black Panther, which was so, so, so, so good, and I used a free movie ticket I had so our total was only $12 and some change for two tickets. A week or so later K used a free ticket, too, and we saw Death Wish for even less.
  • One night after games, K and I stopped at Red Robin and I got back 10% via ibotta.
  • I've had about thirteen sales on Mercari and Poshmark in the last couple weeks. I'm loving getting these things out of the house and pocketing a little cash.
  • I combined errands before an association meeting and lined up a Verizon store near the meeting place to pay my phone bill, then bought K and I both a drink from Starbucks with some gift cards I'd been hoarding.
  • Since I wasn't using it, I cancelled my Hulu account and I'll save the $5.99 per month.
  • Combined errands again the next week and stopped and renewed my tags before heading off to a college baseball game.
Frugal Fails:
  • We've been eating out quite a bit lately, but I have discovered that we have a Cava near us now!
  • I've made many trips to a neighboring city for umpire training. Not exactly a fail because they're totally necessary, but I've still used a lot of gas.


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