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Thursday, February 01, 2018

thrifty thursday #25

  • While out at my mom's for Christmas, Friday and Saturday were both no spend days. Thursday I spent less than five dollars and Sunday my stepdad changed my headlight and was generous enough to fill up my gas tank before the trip back. ♥
  • My mom packed me up with loads of homemade leftovers (including chili, yum!) and I've been eating on those for lunch.
  • I've needed a haircut for a while now as my ends had gotten uneven, so my mom cut my hair while I was there. It looks great and you can't beat free.
  • I've gained enough points via Branded Surveys* (formerly Mintvine) for a payout.
  • Last month my stupid second line came off my phone plan finally so that should save me $20 a month, and I cancelled my phone's insurance to save $11 a month.
  • I've made twelve sales via eBay and two via Mercari and that's helped declutter a bit.
  • I noticed a $5 rebate on ibotta* a couple weeks ago for eBay Fashion so I mosied on over and purchased a $3.88 (including shipping) button up for the office, thus earning myself $5.02, resulting in a moneymaker of $1.14 and adding to my office wardrobe. Win!
  • In the same week on ibotta, I earned $2.14 on a purchase (plate shoes and a lighting kit, not junk!) and a $5 bonus.
  • I redeemed a $5 PayPal reward via Microsoft Rewards.
  • On my two days working outside of the house, I bring my lunch.
Frugal Fails
  • I had to run across the county three nights in a row for board meetings and forums and twice I stopped and grabbed cheap fast food. I spent less than $10 total, but like moms everywhere say, we have food at home.
  • I paid my car insurance late and suffered a ten dollar late fee, but I did pay it early for the next month.
  • My one big splurge is acrylic nails and I broke one at softball practice Saturday morning, so I spent $3 plus tip to have it fixed.


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  1. Sounds like you had a pretty good week, glad to hear your mum stocked you up! Go mum!
    Your pretty brave to let her cut your hair though, mine did as a child and I never got over it, been mentally scarred for life :D

    Kez |