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Thursday, December 07, 2017

thrifty thursday #23

  •  After a fantastic Friendsgiving, we were sent home with leftovers so I've been eating them for lunches and admittedly, midnight snacks. Yum!
  • A local farmer came by the office and had homemade Brunswick stew with him for sale so I picked up a quart for $8. Since I'm the only one who eats it, I got several lunches out of it!
  • Last Christmas I bought holiday cards and I somehow managed to not send any out so this year I'm going to take that unopened pack of cards, save a few dollars, and tuck little apologies in there, too, when I mail them out.
  • I've been racking up points via Achievemint, an app that pays you when you make healthy choices*.
  • Black Friday shopping? Pfft. I was curled up in bed with the puppers. I didn't spend a dime.
  • Mercari has been fairly fruitful for me in the past two months and I just sold another item. Yay, decluttering!
  • I made a broccoli casserole, sweet potato casserole, and pasta salad for Thanksgiving and the only ingredients I had to buy were broccoli, yams, and a bag of cheese. The rest of the ingredients I sourced from the pantry. I'm glad I took a count of things before the holiday.
  • Our bosses graciously bought us lunch on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday and I have a ton of leftovers from that, so I'm set on lunches for the rest of the week. ♥
  • Poshmark has really been picking up for me. I listed a pair of shoes one night and they sold the next morning!
  • I brought a bunch of tiny post-its from home to use at the office. I'll never use them up at home so I might as well actually use them at work.
  • Still using up little bits and bobs from the pantry and fridge. I used the last of some soaked kava root, a quarter of a bag of cheese, some tiny amounts of spices left in containers.
Frugal Fails
  • I was informed at the last minute that I had a second dinner to go to on Thanksgiving, so when I went to pick up granny smith apples for a pie I had to pay a fortune for organic since they were the only ones left. Sigh. However, the pie was a huge hit. :)


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