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Thursday, November 30, 2017

thrifty thursday #22

  • I earned $14.50 via ibotta* for a recent grocery shopping trip. I made $12.50 in offers and completed a bonus for an extra $2.
  • The next day, I went to Food Lion and picked up a couple more items which not only scored me a dollar in rebates via ibotta, but I ended up meeting another bonus for an additional $3, which put me over the $20 cashout limit and I cashed out $22.25 instantly!
  • When the fall softball season ended, one of my players gave me the absolute sweetest handwritten thank you card. Not gonna lie, I totally cried when I read it. Along with that, she gave me a $10 Starbucks giftcard, which I used one morning (with my own mug for a few cents savings) for a nice treat. Thanks, Ski! ♥
  • I sold another item on Mercari (get $10 off when you use my code VQYZSJ)* and it's one that's been sitting for a while so I'm happy to see it off to its new home.
  • I stopped by Wegman's and picked up a couple sales items and redeemed a quarter rebate via ibotta.
  • When I bought oil for my car a couple weeks ago, I got $10 back via ibotta and the package had an offer from Mobil for a $10 Walmart giftcard if you submitted your receipt to them, so I jumped on that, too.
  • I returned some items we ended up not needing for Halloween and put $7.30 back into my pocket.
  • Another three items sold on Poshmark and I'm pretty happy to have them off to new owners. I used recycled boxes and packing supplies. Yay!
  • I'd finally earned enough points to cash out a $15 Amazon giftcard via ReceiptHog, which I'll use for Christmas gifts.
Frugal Fails
  • I decided to keep Hulu* after my free 30 day trial was up, but luckily I got a special promotion for a year that made my subscription only $5.99 per month. No, I don't care that I still have to watch commercials. Yes, I am obsessed with Desperate Housewives.
  • One day at my job in town, I ordered takeout and then left it sitting on my desk so I didn't even get leftovers. Sad face. *However, my boss noticed it and put it in the fridge! Score! Thanks!!


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