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Thursday, September 07, 2017

thrifty thursday #18

  • I snagged two bags of expired angel hair noodles from work and brought them home since they were a bit past our discount time frame. I eat angel hair 6 to 7 days a week, so this'll save me a bit. Don't judge my pasta habits.
  • Last Wednesday and Thursday were both completely no spend days - I didn't leave the house, shop online, or anything.
  • A friend of mine hurt her ankle and passed on a lot of her heeled shoes, so I picked up a couple pair. She's decluttering, too, and sent me home with a bag of clothing and several books. ♥ Thanks!
  • On fight night I picked up a shift at a local restaurant I'd worked at before. Besides a guy walking out on a tab (that grudge will last a while), I made a decent little chunk of change to save for a rainy day.
  • I've been retaining Gold Status via Shell Fuel Rewards*, and it's been saving me (at least) five cents per gallon. After I pump my gas, the app sends me a notification with how much money I've saved. It might not seem like much, but I've saved almost ten dollars with just a few fillups.
  • My library books have been keeping me from buying new books. Though I did buy one at Strand in Manhattan, but that was different. It was out of print!
  • At home I've been trying really hard not to have any food waste. Dinner a couple nights ago was a hodge podge of salad, hummus wraps, baby corn, some vegetable samosas, and leftover marinara.
  • I finally found some cheap hammock straps. I wasn't going to spend a ton on ENO straps, so I shopped around and found some for $9.98. Then on a thrift store trip, we found a new-in-box king size mosquito net for less than $3 and picked it up for when we go camping.
  • Picked up a loaf of french bread for $0.56 since it was close to date. I've been making mini french bread pizzas.

Frugal Fail:
  • Ordered takeout from a great local New York style deli. I'm a sucker for pasta and potato salad. However, for $21 (including tip), I received enough food for at least five total meals (my meals, as I'm just a snacker for the most part), so each meal runs about $4.20.


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