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Thursday, July 27, 2017

thrifty thursday #16

  • I completed Level 1 of the July Teamwork Challenge on ibotta*, which granted me an extra dollar! Thanks, team! :)
  • During a thrifting trip, shoes were buy two get one free - I picked up a pair of clogs, a pair of 7 For All Mankind heels, and a pair of purple Vans* for freeeeee.
  • In other news, my mother is going vegetarian! I'm so proud of her. I picked up two 99cent each vegetarian/vegan cookbooks at Goodwill for her. ♥
  • My two days off last week were very frugal - no money spent other than what I forked out for two energy drinks (my weakness!) and the gas to run a couple local errands.
  • One of those local errands was to take off our recycling and I opted not to stop and get my puppers a four piece nugget to split. I normally do because they're spoiled, but I gave them some homemade treats instead. It may have only been a dollar, but I still saved it.
  • I used up the last of some slightly wilted lettuce and broccoli in a salad so it didn't go to waste. The rest of the broccoli will have to be cooked in something.
  • When I made tacos this week I ran out of tortillas but still had leftovers, so I just packed it all together for a taco bowl for lunch. For my filling (omni had beef), I used a crumbled up dollar store veggie burger, which at Dollar Tree are only $1 for two.
  • Somehow I received a free magazine subscription and had a few options to choose from. I went with Sports Illustrated.
  • When N and I came back from Tennessee, my mom sent us home with some leftovers from meals we'd eaten out there, so we had lunch for work Friday and snacks for the ride.
  • Found a quarter on the sidewalk!

Frugal Fails:
  • Someone left the freezer door open accidentally and we lost all of the food. I lost two packages of Quorn products, my other veggie burger, three Gardein pizza pockets, and the omni lost a pound of beef, a frozen pizza, and some fish sticks. Luckily it wasn't packed full!
  • I broke down and ordered takeout one day last week at work. It's not a complete fail, though, as I easily got two meals out of a lunch portion size of pasta.
How have you done this week?


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