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Thursday, July 13, 2017

thrifty thursday #15

  • I received a $5 book credit from Google, so I downloaded the Google Books* app and bought The Four Agreements* for only $0.15! While spending money isn't neccessarily frugal, we all know I can't stop adding to my TBR pile, so I might as well do it cheaply.
  • I have enough points to redeem another $10 cash out via Mintvine*!
  • A bit ago some friends and I went to see Dead & Company and since I drove us, N bought my ticket. It was so fun!
  • I've still yet to fork out anymore cash for beauty products, though I was very tempted to get some new lip balm. Luckily I convinced myself that the four tubes I have in my car is sufficient. My stash is holding on nicely.
  • I accepted an offer for an item on eBay so that's a few more dollars in my pocket and another item out of my hair.
  • In the spirit of not wasting food, my boss asked me if I wanted a 32oz jar of marinated mushrooms that the lid had popped on seconds before. It's now in my fridge waiting for soup and stirfry days.
  • I made a "dump soup" in the crockpot last week: some wilted kale, wrinkly roma tomatoes, a scoop or two of a premade lentil soup mix, and some random spices.
  • N and I never finish meals, so we've started splitting dishes when we go out. We got a Chipotle bowl for $4.92 each Saturday. Sometimes you just want sofritas with your best friend.
  • In one grocery visit, I made $9.00 on items via ibotta*, then earned a $2.00 Fourth of July bonus, bringing me up to $11.00 for one visit. I then cashed out $21.15 and received it instantly via PayPal!
  • During that same grocery visit above, I used my reusable cloth bags and didn't have to use a single plastic bag, nor did I put my lettuce and broccoli in a produce bag. Green win!
  • Using Food Lion's coupon center, I printed a coupon for salad dressing I was intending to get, along with a $4 off $65+ that came in handy. Utilize your rewards systems, people!
  • Last Wednesday was a total no-spend day!
  • I received a free month of Marvel Unlimited*. Soooo many comics. Hashtag Marvel Gal.
So on that no-spend note, there's another Thrifty Thursday! :)


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