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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

under $20 cruelty free haul

In my weekly necessities shopping trip, I snagged a few cruelty free items from Target and Family Dollar. I'm a sucker for cheap beauty products!

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I can't seem to stop myself from picking up e.l.f. items at Target. I snagged the Lip Kiss Balm in Bare Kiss, which is something I'd been thinking about since I've wanted a bit of color but not quite a gloss or lipstick. Then I saw the Lip Color Remover and thought about all those times I'd scrubbed my lips raw after wearing a dark lipstick. The last piece of the e.l.f. puzzle was the Mineral Infused Mascara in black, which is to supplement a absolutely terrible mascara I'm trying to get through now.

The rest came from Family Dollar, which I frequent because of it's convenient location. The little tweezers and nail block are to replace some aging pieces I have, and I grabbed the White Rain Volumizing Mousse because my locks are painfully limp on a regular basis. Sigh.

The L.A. Colors? I truly believe that their nail polishes are hidden gems in the beauty world. They're only $1, available in a huge variety of shades, and their ability to last a while and not chip is impressive. Since I'm growing out my nails, I picked up the Calcium Treatment for only $2, along with a dark red polish called Globe Trotter for the holidays. I also grabbed a twofer of Eye Makeup Remover and Nail Polish Remover pads.

lucky bandit blog

lucky bandit blog

lucky bandit blog

How cute are these little bat earrings? They're not a beauty product, but I love bats and these were on clearance at Target for $.69, so I grabbed them. Love!


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  1. So many great finds, especially those bat earrings! love!