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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

room by emma donoghue book review

room emma donoghue book review

I'm not one for ads on social media, but the trailer for Room caught my eye on Instagram. I looked it up on IMDb and saw that it was based on a book. Since I had a little wiggle room in my book budget, I snagged an iBook copy and started reading.

The story is written in the eyes of five year old Jack, who lives with Ma, his mother, in Room. He finds nothing peculiar about their lives or their living arrangements, as he's lived in Room his entire life. They go about their daily routine; sunning on Rug, eating cereal with Meltedy Spoon, and at night he sleeps in Wardrobe. It's chilling to hear their noon time ritual: Scream, where they yell as loudly as possible toward the skylight, their only way to view the outside world. Turns out, they live in an 11 foot square shed. What's worse? There's a man, who they've nicknamed Old Nick, who comes in almost every night, brings supplies, and makes Bed creak.

Emma Donoghue does an amazing job writing as a five year old. I didn't get tired of reading in a five year old's voice. And even though it's written through Jack's eyes, the entire story unfolds and though much goes without saying, all the details are there for your imagination. Parts of the book are sickening and you find yourself rooting for these phenomenal characters to win from the very beginning. It sucks you in and you can't put it down. That said, the ending leaves you wanting more. To me it seems unfinished. But if that's my only complaint, that isn't much, is there?

If you'd like to get your own copy of Room, you can get it on iBooks, Amazon, and Nook!

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  1. I agree, Room was SUCH a good book. I was totally riveted from start to finish.