lucky bandit: we had a busy day yesterday!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

we had a busy day yesterday!

Yesterday Jeffery and I went to the 12th annual Richmond SPCA Dog Jog and 5k Race. It was a lot of fun! We got there early, which in the future I will not do. Don't get me wrong, I love my dog, but it's exhausting tugging an excited dog around that really just wants to sniff every other dog's butt.

I haven't told Jeffery's story here on the blog yet (that's to come!), but from what he was when I found him as a dumped stray, he's come an amazingly long way. Of course he was excited with the dozens of other dogs there. He did really great with people petting him and dogs checking him out. He really loves big dogs - after all, his brother, Kaine, is an American bulldog. He had no qualms of running up to huge dogs and gettin' all in their business. 

sharpei dog jog katelyn carter

We picked up our registration packet then headed back outside to look around at the vendors a bit. We met lots of adorable puppies - a gorgeous Irish Wolfhound, tongue-lolling labs, a really pretty Akita puppy, and a few Great Pyrenees. As far as I could tell, Jeffery was the only sharpei there, unfortunately. He's really the only sharpei I've ever seen in person, and I'd love to meet some more!

Around 11am the Dog Jog was due to start, so we lined up and waited for the signal.

sharpei dog jog katelyn carter

Once we started, Jeffery did great. We walked beside an absolutely beautiful Italian Mastiff for a bit, then Jeffery was back on his mission to be at the head of the pack. Since the Dog Jog was only a mile, we finished pretty quickly and headed back to the car to start the hour drive home (though that will be cut in half once we move!).

sharpei katelyn carter

Someone was a really tired puppy. He slept and panted most of the way home. But the fun wasn't over yet! We stopped by my grandparents house so they could see him. When he was initially "caught", I lured him into their fenced in front yard with bologna. They saw a lot of him, and my grandma was the first person after me to touch him. They love him like their own. Of course my grandpa fed him a can of food while we were there because he'll never be fat enough for them, even though he's fed more than enough at home!

When we went to leave I noticed my brother next door so we walked down to see him. Jeffery met someone new - the horses!

sharpei horse katelyn carter

He was really curious. The horses, not so much. 

sharpei horse katelyn carter

After a few minutes and my brother remarking how clean Jeffery is now compared to when he first came to me as a stray, we packed up in the car and headed for home. This little puppy was tired. He came home, ate his bully stick, and took a nap.

sharpei katelyn carter


  1. Shelter/adopted beasts are the best beasts! <3

    If you ever do want to try running with him again, check out a running leash on Amazon. They go around your hips rather than having to hold it, so your hands are free and it's a little hard for them to tug and pull against your torso. Rob uses one with Cypress (she hates it because she gets yanked quite a bit...but she's used to being off leash).

    1. I actually saw someone there with one and was thinking about it. I might have to try that - I do want to start running. Thanks for the suggestion! (And I just figured out how to embed my comments and reply to them - haha!)